Comparing interspecific differences in ungulate habitat use in response to coal mine reclamation

Extracting coal through surface mining can damage natural habitats because it removes and fragments forests, grasslands, and shrub lands. Coal mines near Hinton, Alberta, our study area, have been reclaimed to reduce the negative effects of mining on the environment and on wildlife as per regulations in the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. Our study area consists of bighorn sheep, elk, and mule deer populations that use the vegetation, minerals, and topographic features of the reclaimed mines for food, protection from predators, and thermal cover.

Feature selection for Deep Learning applied to the identification of impaired drivers

DriveABLE Inc uses a set of simple video tasks to identify the impaired drivers. Video tasks come in the form of simple games and measure cognitive ability. The test results are analysed by AI powered algorithm that predicts the impairment level of the driver. Our project’s main objective is to redesign the AI in such a way that it can cover more use cases with fewer tasks. In particular we will redesign the algorithm so that it will accept incomplete tests. We will also identify redundant games in order to make overall test shorter.

Bird Density and Species Richness in Interior British Columbia – tools to inform conservation value and risk assessment in forestry

Forest companies would like to reduce the number of birds, eggs, and nests that are negatively affected by logging. They are particularly interested in reducing impacts on species at risk. The problem is that we don’t have detailed knowledge of where every bird lives, so it’s difficult to make educated choices about where and how much forest to harvest. This research will help provide a solution to this problem. We can relate bird data to landscape and forest characteristics like elevation, forest age, and forest height to understand which forest types have the most birds.

Characterizing mixed dielectrics for hard, low adhesion coatings

Surface coatings find widespread uses in everything from eyeglasses to machine tools. For electrical sensor devices, including devices for cancer screening and for toxic gas sensing, it’s especially important to have coatings that are hard and durable and adhere well to gold electrodes, but are not sticky to organic molecules. Currently-used materials have several useful properties but don’t adhere to gold without rather complicated multi-layer fabrication processes and are easily fouled by organics that stick quite easily to the coating.

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Text Recognition Software Development for Legal Services

The rapid advancement in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence has led to many breakthroughs in industries. As an online medium legal intermediary platform, Right Legal aims to connect clients and lawyers by providing them with a secure, convenient, and efficient platform. In order to accomplish this, we take into account of (1) the resourceful text information generated from the platform (e.g., the request and feedback from clients), (2) the lawyers’ profiles, and (3) the service quality offered by the lawyers.

Improved Human Movement Tracking and Prediction in High-Occlusion Multi-user Virtual Reality Environments

Virtual reality has the ability to change the way people work and play together, but almost all VR technology to date is designed for single users in separate, dedicated spaces. The problem with having multiple people in the same shared room (while in a shared VR experience together) is that they become much more difficult for the sensors to accurately track because sensors become visually blocked more often. This research proposal is focused on using intelligent algorithms to help improve tracking accuracy in these situations, while keeping hardware costs as low as possible.

Understanding the Impact of Legal Cannabis Access on Health: A Large, Prospective Cohort Study of Canadians Obtaining Medical Cannabis Authorization

Although legal access to medical cannabis has been available in Canada for many years, our society has yet to fully understand the important health implications surrounding the use of medical cannabis or recreational users. However, the current availability of medical cannabis in Canada means that researchers have access to a large number of individuals who are cannabis users.

Effectiveness of EarlyDetect, a psychiatric assessment program, using a mobile APP interface - Phase 2

Mental health illness cost over $50 billion in the Canadian economy annually, and is prevalent at workplace. The cost and prevalence of menial health illness can be greatly mitigated with early detection and intervention. EarlyDetect is a program developed by Chokka Center for Integrative Health for convenient, accurate and reliable self-assessment of mental illness, and has been validated in a pen-and-paper form.

Investigating the causes of asphaltenes formation during visbreaking of deasphalted oil

Canadian bitumen has high viscosity compared to conventional crude oils which unable its transportation to upgraders and refineries by pipeline. In order to improve its fluidity, bitumen is submitted to high temperatures that will allow the break of chemical bonds. This process is called visbreaking. Nevertheless, the product is unstable due to the presence of asphaltenes which can precipitate and cause clogging of equipment and olefins that can further polymerize and form gums upon storage.