Minimizing potential induced degradation in crystalline silicon based photovoltaic solar modules

The demand for photovoltaic solar modules has increased tremendously in recent years. Unfortunately, photovoltaic solar modules are prone to potential induced degradation, i.e., a decrease in the power delivered from such modules arising as a consequence of them operating continuously under high applied voltages. This project aims to design a protocol for the accelerated testing of solar modules; we want to speed-up or accelerate the aging of these solar modules in order to identify what materials and configurations in a solar module are less prone to potential induced degradation.

The Energetics of Forearm Crutch Gait: The impact of a dynamic shock absorber

Many people who use crutches for their short-term or long-term mobility experience problems associated with crutch gait such as overuse injuries to the arms, discomfort, and fatigue. Forearm crutches enable people to be mobile and live independent and active lives, however many individuals experience fatigue associated with the increased energy demands of this type of gait. A new type of crutch has been developed with a shock-absorbing component that aims to alleviate impact on the joints.

Fluids and Fracture for Video Games

Animated fluid effects based on physical simulation have been a staple part of the visual effects industry. They are characterized by offline simulation and rendering that produces high-fidelity dynamics and visuals. As the technology for computer games advances, the opportunity to create such effects in real-time as either a playback technique or dynamic simulation is becoming feasible. The internship will explore the integration of fast methods for fluid dynamics and fracture dynamics to determine their effectiveness for use in the video game industry.

Retrospective molecular subtyping of pediatric medulloblastomas and poor prognosis gene markers

Medulloblastoma is the most common brain tumor in children. It is treated with a combination of surgical resection, chemotherapy and radiation. Radiation to a child’s brain can have harmful side effects that may have implications in later development. We intend to use molecular gene expression to validate our findings from BC Children’s Hospital regarding low and high risk tumor subgroups. Along with this, we will analyze the expression of polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1), which may be a key protein for drug therapy development to treat high risk patients.

Sustainable Development of Forest Resources: Nuxalk Development Corporation

The Nuxalk First Nations is being empowered by the provincial government to take more control over its socio and economic affairs. One critical part of the transitioning is to manage their forest resources through a community forest license. The Nuxalk Development Corporation will be an active participant in their economic future, particularly in the area of forest land management, energy planning, community development and the manufacturing of wood and non-wood products.

Reduction of Software Rework Through the Mitigation of Cognitive Biases

The proposed work will lead to mechanisms for reducing the negative effects of Cognitive Biases - automatic, unconscious elements of the human reasoning system known to cause decision errors. While the outcomes of Cognitive Biases have been studied for decades, there has been almost no research into how to reduce or eliminate their negative effects. The end goal of the proposed work is a suite of mechanisms that reliably, simply and cost-effectively accomplish such 'de-biasing' in a workplace setting.

Determination of net calorific value of fresh and aged wood pellets

In this project, the effects of storage time on the heating value of wood pellets are investigated. During relatively long-term storage and transportation, pellets may lose part of its heating value, which could translate to financial losses. However, for a limited and shorter storage time, studies have shown that pellets could have a slight gain in heating value. Thus, this project aims at resolving this ambiguity by conducting lab experiments and fitting the data to a mathematical model for prediction purposes.

Mineralogy and isotopic signature of the Marshall lake VHMS deposit

The proposed research project will study processes which took place during formation of the copper-silver-gold deposit in the southern part of the Marshall Lake property, western Ontario. The study will focus on deciphering primary and metamorphic mineral assemblages and conditions of their origin. Studying mineral textures and their chemical and isotopic compositions will allow characterization of the processes which formed the deposit, including estimation of temperatures and pressures at which they took place.

Head-Up Display Applications of a Compound Micro-lens Array

The purpose of this project is to design a compact optical component that will be used in tandem with a display panel to use in Head-Up Display systems. The essence of the optical component design is the use of micro-lens arrays. Micro-lens arrays are thin, usually planar lenses composed of much smaller lens-lets with diameters usually in the order of 10 to 100 microns. Using micro-lens arrays, the optical system can be reduced to a couple of “sheets” of micro-lens arrays or less, allowing for compactness of the system.

A Commercialization and Corporate Strategy for a Cultivator Planter machine attachment

The industry partner for this development internship is a company working in the area of Forestry and Agriculture Manufacturing located in Quesnel. The company is preparing to grow rapidly with a new product development (still in the R&D phase), market feasibility and commercialization aspects for the same. The new product being developed by the company- the VHCP (Van Horlick Cultivator Planter) is the next generation of mechanized tree planting systems.