Scaling 3D Microtissue Production Using a Microwell System

Tissue engineering works to replace damaged tissue and organs, and has applications in treating diseases such as diabetes. To improve the performance of tissue engineering treatment and research, our lab has produced the microwell system which creates microtissues in the form of cellular balls. The microwell system has been used used internationally under the brand name AggreWell™, supplied by STEMCELL Technologies and allows researchers to produce enough microtissues to treat diseases in animal models, such as mice.

Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater using Nanotechnologies - Year two

Contamination in soil and groundwater tends to be overlooked since their adverse impact does not appear exteriorly and instantaneously. However, the contaminants could potentially cause adverse impact on vegetation and human health by migrating off the contaminated site through groundwater flow, and also influence climate change through cycling of elements. Recently, demand for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater has been raised due to increasing public awareness about environmental problems.

Quality Assessment and Enhancement of Retinal Images – Part 2

Babies who are born prematurely are at risk of developing a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP), which if left untreated, can lead to permanent blindness. RoP causes characteristic changes in the retinal vascu-lature, which can be seen when looking into the eye. Because the infants need to be monitored regularly for this condition, and certain traits need to be carefully identified, a special camera is used to take a picture of the retina. These pictures can then be studied for signs of RoP by an ophthalmologist.

Development of deep learning pipeline for automatic segmentation and classification of cardiac magnetic resonance images

Heart disease is the main reason of death worldwide. One way to understand better and detect heart diseases without need for biopsy via surgery is by using medical imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Cardiac magnetic resonance is a specific kind of MRI which allows great visualization of inner parts of the heart and can be used for measuring the size of the heart and its chambers, which can be very useful for understanding blood flow and other potential markers of disease.

Integrating Digital Design + Prefabrication Processes into Calgary-based Architecture and Design Firms

Many architecture and design firms in Calgary have a strong desire to incorporate parametric software (BIM) and digital manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technologies into their design processes in order to meet evolving client demands, regulatory requirements, and sustainability performance targets. These are necessary criteria that constitute high-quality built environments capable of meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders including clients as well as the general public.

Using bioelectrochemical approaches to study microbes associated with oil and gas operations

Microbial activities in oil and gas operations can be beneficial or detrimental which economically impact the energy industry. Microorganisms can be responsible for souring and microbiologically influenced corrosion which damage oil and gas infrastructure, but they can also play a beneficial role in enhancing energy production, recovering chemicals from waste streams, bioremediation, and biofuel production. The threat of global warming and diminishing fossil fuel resources is creating an ever-increasing drive to implement new technologies for renewable fuel production.

Simulation of the foamy oil flow during the solution gas drive production of heavy oils

Foamy oil behavior is a unique phenomenon associated with cold production of heavy crude oils. It is believed that the foaming mechanism has a significant impact on the abnormally high production rate of viscous crude oils observed in many heavy oil producing reservoirs through solution gas drive.
Due to the non-equilibrium nature of the foamy oil flow, the mathematical modeling of this process involves few challenges. The main non-equilibrium process exist between solution gas and free gas that leads to a significant supersaturation of dissolved gas in the oil phase.

Catalytic Heavy Oil Upgrading under Methane Environment

The proposed research is focused on designing and optimizing novel catalysts that catalyze the activation of methane, the principal component of natural gas, to upgrade heavy oil, and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the involved reaction mechanism. Heavy oil is upgraded to meet the pipeline transportation requirements, while methane is incorporated to the formed synthetic crude at lowered temperature and pressure (

Low-cost Real-time Multi-constellation GNSS Precise Point Positioning for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) enables smart traffic management and provides various innovative services including better safety, more road information, etc., which has drawn a lot of attention. The development of next-generation ITS services and applications must depend on more accurate positioning information at decimeter to even centimeter-level. Such capabilities are crucial because all of the innovative applications are based on the precise positioning of land vehicles.

Nanostructured cathode material for high performance all-solid-state sodium battery

Lithium batteries are almost universally integrated in modern electronics applications due to their high efficiency and scalability. However, the liquid lithium-ion electrolyte utilized in these batteries has a multitude of safety concerns including flammability, toxicity, and the ability to explode if short-circuited. These issues lead to problems while operating in hazardous environments, more stringent transportation regulations, and pose a threat to the personal safety of consumers.