Aerobic Granulation for the Treatment of Domestic Wastewater

Increasing pressure on India’s limited water resources due to population growth demands innovative and cost-effective methods of water management. One avenue of significant research is the treatment and recycling of municipal wastewater, where only about 31% of the domestic wastewater generated is treated using conventional methods. Aerobic granulation (AG) is a novel biotechnological wastewater treatment process that is increasingly drawing the interest of researchers worldwide.

Exploring the Utility of Physical Visualization Construction

Physical visualizations are representations in which data is mapped to physical form, rather than the pixels or ink of traditional visualizations [6]. Creating such representations using tangible tiles (i.e. constructive physical visualization) is an accessible paradigm for visualization novices to construct representations [5]. Is this approach worth the greater time investment it requires over more automated tools? The purpose of this project is to explore the utility of the process of constructing of physical visualizations.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Lower Gas Permeability for Liner Polyethylene in Fiber Reinforced Pipes (FRPs) - Year two

Permeation of CO2 gas through the inner layer in multi-layer fiber reinforced pipes (FRPs) destructively reduces pipe
durability. FRPs generally consist of three or more layers of polymer and reinforcing fibers. Gas permeation thorough
the polymer layer and its accumulation in reinforcing layer leads to pipe failure during depressurizing cycles. Using clay
nano-platelet can lead to decrease gas permeability in polymer layers. Good dispersion and good adhesion between
clay nano-layers and polymer are key features for optimization of gas permeability.

The Search for Earliest Triassic Refugia

Four billion species are estimated to have evolved on Earth over the last 3.5 billion years, of which 99% are extinct. The end-Permian extinction is the largest extinction event that resulted in the elimination of 97% of oceanic species. The conditions that led to this devastating event are similar to the environmental changes we are experiencing today, including increasing temperature, ocean acidification and a decrease in ocean circulation. Understanding how marine ecosystems recovered from the end-Permian extinction is vital to future marine conservation efforts.

A general population study of Brazilian lottery players who engage in ‘Jogo do Bicho’ (Brazilian Animal Game) and their motivations

Jogo Do Bicho, also known as the Brazilian Animal Game (BAG), is an immensely popular illegal gambling game in Brazil. Indeed, BAG generates over 60% more in revenues than legal lotteries. This is a concern as the revenue from BAG is used to fund criminal activities. Further, draws for BAG occur more frequently than the official state lotteries, which may increase the probability of an individual developing a gambling addiction. Unfortunately, there have only been a few research studies on BAG, which have focused on gamblers in treatment who make up a small portion of gamblers overall.

Secure Outsourcing of Storage and Computation

The rise of cloud technologies and the proliferation of mobile devices have revolutionized data storage and their processing. Amongst numerous benefits, cloud technologies offer a flexible way to outsource storage and computation to the cloud vendors. As a result, sensitive data often end up being managed on remote servers maintained by third party outsourcing vendors. Whence, despite being envisioned as a promising service for the future, security and privacy issues remain the major inhibiting factors towards a wide scale acceptance of cloud technologies in practice.

Previous Alberta floods to provide essential data for prediction software

Electricity, water supplies, communication networks, and public transportation were totally shut down. When her parents were unable to get home, Ashwini knew she wanted to do something to better warn people.

This summer, Ashwini has travelled to Canada through the Mitacs Globalink program to do research with Dr. Jennifer He at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering. Their research focuses on using weather forecasts to predict extreme events such as floods and develop suitable warning times.

Effect of Fluid, Rock, and Simulator Variables on Liquid Solvent Heavy Oil Extraction

Heavy oil and bitumen in-situ extraction aided by solvent addition is a potential EOR technology that provides an alternative to the current thermal processes. However, its mechanism is not well understood yet. The aim of this study is to improve the understanding of solvent based processes by history matching experimental data using a reservoir simulator developed by Shell. At the end of this project, it is expected to find the variables which govern the behavior of the system and also find a suitable approach to history match the data in a short computing time.

Calgary medical start-up taps into research talent through Mitacs

Despite this, many patients who have problems with the quality of their sleep do not seek medical diagnosis, and when they do, diagnosis and initiating treatment can be an arduous process that is disruptive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.

Low Temperature Catalytic NOx Control under High Sulfur Environment

NOx is a well known hazardous gas which can not only form acid rain and destroy ozone, but also cause respiratory diseases of human body. There are multiple methods developed currently to remove NOx. Among them, selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR, represents the most widely used and efficient post-combustion technique for mitigation of NOx emissions from stationary combustion sources.