Development of best strategies for the control of flowering rush in Alberta

Invasive plants represent a major threat to the economy and environment, with annual economic costs in North America estimated at $30-40 billion CDN. Aquatic invasives rank among the most destructive, affecting recreational activities such as boating, fishing and swimming, displacing native vegetation, slowing down water flow and altering oxygen levels. Flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) is an aquatic invasive plant species that is currently forming dense stands that interfere with recreational lake use and water availability in Alberta.

Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater using Nanotechnologies

In recent years, the remediation of residual and historical soil and groundwater contamination has become a priority for the oil and gas industry. Due to increasing public awareness and media attentions, the exploration and implementation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly approaches for remediation of contaminated sites has increased significantly as a mechanism to demonstrate social accountability and environmental sustainability.

Developing a method for determination of biochemical methane potential and rate of anaerobic degradation of landfill solid wastes

ET-LBC technology (Evapotranspiration-Landfill Biocovers) is the capital intensive emerging modern landfill technology. The acceptance of this technology by landfill regulators and operators, and its possible future participation in carbon credit trading depends on its performance. In order asses the performance of the ET-LBC technology using mathematical models, the anaerobic degradation parameters such as the methane yield potential (L0), anaerobic decay rate (k) must be known. Anaerobic degradation parameters can be calculated using existing models.

Numerical simulations of global atmospheric composition for the purpose of improving air quality modelling

Where observations of air pollution are unavailable, e.g. from emissions of future facilities or in remote areas, air pollution is simulated with computer models. These models require input of emissions from nearby sources but also of background concentrations that are caused by sources outside of the modelling domain, because the domain is limited by computational power and the need to resolve air quality at a fine spatial resolution.

Investigation of Non-Condensable Gas Behaviour in Thermal Exploitation of Grosmont Reservoir and Its Role and Effect on Reservoir Performance and Simulation History Matching of the Saleski Pilot

The Grosmont formation, a carbonate naturally fractured reservoir in Alberta, Canada, has 400 billion bbl of bitumen resource, which is currently not commercially exploited. Viable exploitation of this reservoir would mean addition of a huge quantity to Canadian oil reserves. Since December 2010, Laricina Energy Ltd. in their Saleski pilot evaluated a bitumen recovery process using steam injection. The pilot was shut down on September 2015 due to low commodity prices. The Saleski Pilot examined Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and cycle steam injection in Grosmont reservoir.

Development of a Self-Regulatory App for Adults with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune dysfunction that requires strict adherence to a gluten-free (GF) diet in order to prevent detrimental health outcomes. Following a strict GF diet is difficult given that gluten is added as a preservative or binding agent to many foods. Findings from a review suggest strict adherence to a gluten-free diet is as low as 42%. As such, poor adherence to a GF diet is an emerging health concern for people living with celiac disease.

Aiding Leak Detection in Pipelines Using System Identification - Year two

The ultimate goal of this project is to detect and localize leaks in pipelines in real time. Hifi Engineering has developed
distributed fiber optic sensors. Measurements are obtained at evenly spaced intervals along the pipeline (called
channels). This project aims to develop data processing tools to improve leak detection and localization. Many events
occur along a pipeline whose effects are registered by sensors (trucks driving by, compressors turning on, leaks).
Events are registered in many channels as sounds propagate down the pipeline.

Cross-cultural perspectives and experiences of food addiction

Researchers have recently proposed the concept of food addiction, postulating that certain foods can provoke addictive symptoms, similar to drugs of abuse. Current understanding of food addiction is, however, limited by a paucity of qualitative research examining the validity of this construct, and of cross-cultural research examining how food addiction is experienced in non-Western societies. The present cross-cultural qualitative study will address these issues by comparing and contrasting experiences and definitions of food addiction between Brazilian and Canadian individuals.

Broadband Internet Policy and Farmers’ Collective Agency in Vietnam

Vietnam approved the national rural information and communication plan in 2011 that includes the building of a 420 million CAD broadband network infrastructure intended to link all smallest administrative units by 2015. However, the country has not achieved this goal yet. Vietnam has experienced countless failures in rolling out Information Communication Technology systems mainly because of a top-down diffusion approach which sees users as passive recipients.

Learning Algorithm for Quantum Error Correction

Using quantum mechanics to improve information technology has been an interdisciplinary exercise. The challenge in implementing quantum information technology arises primarily from the fragile nature of quantum systems under various noises. We focus on the problem of correcting such errors that occur in the superconducting quantum circuits, which is a promising candidate for realizing a scalable quantum computer.