Development of optimized contact materials for interconnect layers in reversible solid oxide fuel cells for the conversion of CO2 and H2O to syngas

SeeO2 Energy has developed world-leading catalysts for reversible solid oxide fuel cell (RSOFC) systems with promising performance to produce syngas from H2O:CO2 feeds. The company has scaled-up the technology and has moved closer towards commercialization by building larger cells. However, assembling the RSOFC stack presents challenges due to issues associated with contact materials especially at the oxygen side of interconnects. The contact material connects the respective electrodes and interconnect and provides high electrical conduction paths between the interconnect and electrodes.

The effect of video learning on socialization and physical literacy in individuals with autism spectrum disorder

There are thousands of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Canada. Many are isolated socially, and
their health is compromised because they are not physically active. New innovative approaches are being investigated that can lead to more effective strategies to enhance the quality of life for people with ASD and their families.

Development of coconut oil-like seed oil through heterologous expression of thioesterases in Arabidopsis

Canola oil cannot be used in the margarine and surfactant industry in contrast to Cocos nucifera (coconut) that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Although the canola industry is one of the most innovative, obtaining coconut oil-like canola seed oil has not been established yet. In this proposal, we will investigate multiple approaches to facilitate the development of a coconut oil-like seed oil in Arabidopsis. Our goal is to develop applied approaches to develop coconut oil-like canola seed oil, which will be an important supply for the Canadian industry.

Advancing sea ice monitoring in the Arctic using innovative radar technologies

Year-round sea ice monitoring in the Arctic is critical for understanding and predicting global climate change. Current satellite-based observation shows limitation in identifying sea ice types. This project aims to utilize advanced satellite-based radar imagery to develop novel Arctic sea ice monitoring system. Proposed research aims to contribute towards developing innovative sea ice products through next-generation Earth Observation technology.

Injury, Concussion and Performance in the Canadian Premier League

Injuries and concussions are common in soccer and can result in time loss from sport. To prevent injuries and concussions we must first understand the burden and risk factors for injury. Therefore the purpose of this four year study is to: 1) understand the burden of injury and concussion; 2) risk factors for injury and concussion; 3) identify and develop of targeted prevention strategies; 4) evaluate the effect of these prevention strategies on risk of injury and concussion and 5) team performance in the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

Gait and Balance Parameters Inferred with the PROTXX Head Accelerometer (Phase 2)

The vestibular organs detect head movement and are involved in the coordination of standing balance. With balance problems being a common and expensive healthcare cost internationally, there is a growing need for new diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices that target vestibular balance function. In particular, a wearable device that could be used outside the clinic could provide a convenient, low-cost alternative.

Pathways to a More Inclusive Labor Market in Calgary

An inclusive economy aims to provide all members of society with the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a community’s economic activities and systems. Calgary Economic Development acknowledges that helping all Calgarians achieve their personal potentials is imperative to leveraging Calgary’s rich diversity to bring innovation and creativity into our industries and businesses. However, we are still facing challenges regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in Calgary labour market.

Toward a more Accessible Canada: Benchmarking and Analyzing Accessibility in Canadian Municipalities

The project aims to collect accessibility data in rural municipalities in six town across Canada. These six municipalities include Salmon Arm and Golden, BC., Sylvan and Banff AB., and Rosetown and Maple Creek, SK. The accessibility data will look at a variety of different features that will deem a public business (hotels, restaurants, public services, etc.) either accessible, partially accessible, or not accessible.

Plant-wild bee relationships of camas meadows and their phenology along an elevation gradient in the Lower Columbia Region, British Columbia.

The floodplain of the Columbia River in southeastern British Columbia is known for large meadows of camas, a blue flowering plant that has deep historical and cultural significance to Interior Salish communities in the region. Camas is also likely to be ecologically-significant, playing a keystone role in these meadows. It is visited by a large number of wild bees, and these bees contribute to its pollination and the pollination of other wild flowers that grow nearby.

Post-quantum secure cryptography for blockchain

The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionized the perception of modern payment systems. However, in such a system securely managing one’s wallet is a challenging issue. A typical user has access to a suitable wallet software and uses it to authenticate transactions. As wallets generate digital signatures, it requires an access to the private key of the user. The presence of a key in a system which often comes online increases its vulnerability - when a wallet is hacked then essentially the private key is lost and so is the money associated with it.