Use of Guide and Outfitter Knowledge and Sampling to Advance Wildlife Health Surveillance Systems

This research intends to work towards establishing essential baselines of health status and trends in the Northern Mountain Population (NMP) of woodland caribou in the Skeena region of northwestern British Columbia. We will use scientific data from a guide and outfitter-led sampling program in combination with local ecological knowledge from practicing guides and outfitters in these regions towards a comprehensive understanding of the health and status of these culturally, ecologically, and economically valuable animals.

Development of a novel system to isolate vocal sources in crowded environments for individuals suffering from hearing deficits

Hearing aids are a common form of treatment for individuals suffering from a hearing impairment [1]. These devices work by collecting sound from the surrounding environment and amplifying that sound in the patient’s ear to improve hearing [2]. These devices work well under most conditions however, in noisy settings such as a busy restaurant, hearing aids also amplify some of the unwanted background noise [2-6]. This can limit an individual’s ability to hear and communicate which can be an isolating and uncomfortable experience.

Understanding the scope for innovations in vaccine technology in the swine industry

Pig production is a vital component of the Canadian agricultural sector. Airborne bacterial pathogens Haemophilus parasuis, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Actinobacillus suis are major causes of swine respiratory disease and cause rapidly progressing systemic infections that lead to significant morbidity and mortality. We are developing engineered subunit vaccines that can simultaneously target all three pathogens and can be formulated for needle-free delivery using pressure guns.

Enhancement of Cement Properties by Means of In Situ Prepared Nanoparticles

Cement is a vital material in our modern society. It is the only thing that humans consume more of, by volume, than water. Conventional cement-based materials are usually brittle, have low tensile strength and exhibit bulk shrinkage. With the recent advancements in nanotechnology, many researchers investigated the addition of nanoparticles to the cement mix to enhance its workability and mechanical properties. In fact, nanoparticles were found to increase compressive and tensile strengths and decrease porosity and permeability of the cement.

Metal oxide Nanomaterial electrolytes for all-solid-state sodium-Ion battery - Year 2

Batteries are ideally suited for energy storage application due to their pollution-free operation, high efficiency, flexible energy and power characteristics to meet different grid functions, cycle life, and low maintenance. The proposed project aims to develop a non-explosive, non-toxic, non-flammable all-solid-state sodium-ion battery with a commercially competitive business case for applications in grid-scale battery storage, the electric vehicle industry, and consumer electronics.

Portfolio optimization and risk analysis

In recent years, the use of Mathematics and Statistics in Finance has become increasingly important, with the arrival of new software and investment methods. The notion of market efficiency, particularly the assumption that assets are always correctly priced, suffers from market anomalies which lead to potential arbitrage strategies in the short run. Therefore, this project aims to model portfolios using market anomalies and traditional finance methods. The goal is to develop a step-by-step procedure for portfolio selection and implement it in software.

Direct Olefin Reduction

Olefins are unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules that are commonly formed as by-products during the fluid catalytic cracking of heavy crude oils. The presence of olefins in upgraded oil feedstocks is highly undesirable as their intrinsic instability means that decomposition is facile and results in the formation of a variety of unwanted compounds that devalue the upgraded oils and impede its pipeline transportation and long term storage. Furthermore, the presence of olefins has been strongly linked to the sulfur content of crude and refined oils.

An Agile monitoring tool integrating risk, safety, and digital data infrastructure management - Year two

An innovative tool is proposed to integrate agile risk, alert, team, safety, and digital data infrastructure management into a Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI) current structural health monitoring system (SHM), mobile mapping system (MMS), and building information modeling (BIM) that will be called Agile Monitoring Tool. Agile Monitoring Tool includes a comprehensive project management software (CPMS) package that consists of three systems as follows. First is an SHM; the structure health monitoring development was originally part of a past successful R&D project. Second is a MMS.

A Feasibility Study of a Measure of Resiliency in a Vulnerable Population

Managing daily life can be overwhelming when living with low income, mental illness, addiction, and social isolation/discrimination. When crises occur, intergenerational cycles of trauma can result. Social support and strength can be found in families and support systems, but these are often not ideal. This research project will result in a measurement of resiliency in a vulnerable population at Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) Health Education Housing.

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) tightness testing using statistical approach

The industry partner, Cantest is establishing a new leak detection procedure for analyzing data sources in aboveground storage tanks and statistical learning models to monitor AST shell dynamics and product activity over time. This is an important problem as identifying leak detection is usually associated with various environmental data and records collected from sensitive sensors attached to the ASTs. Current testing procedure for leak detection uses simple statistical rules and thresholds to detect anomalies. These methods are failing for preventing AST related environmental incidents.