Power Flow control in HVDC Grid and its effect on the underlying AC power system stability.

HVdc is the preferred approach for transmission of bulk power into existing AC network from point to point and from remote generation resources because of technical advantages, including low transmission losses. Integration of HVdc grid with existing AC grid provides considerable economic benefits while throwing up challenges for effective control of both the grids at the same time.

Postdoctoral fellows share program benefits at Mitacs Elevate retreat

Mitacs Elevate participants from Alberta, BC, and Manitoba came together recently for a three-day professional development workshop. Titled Leadership in Innovation, the unique and intensive retreat was designed for new Elevate PDFs as part of their Mitacs fellowship orientation. The event provided attendees with principles and concepts they can use to understand leading, mobilizing, and managing creativity and innovation.

Prototype of a CHP system based on an upgraded gravity-feed wood-pellet furnaceintegrated with a steam-powered micro turbine for small- to mid-scale applications using CFD simulation...

Biomass combustion is used to generate combined heat and power (CHP). The combustion furnace of this study (WiseWay) has been providing heat in small scales using wood pellets. The target of this project, however, is to upgrade the stove’s design (for larger scale purposes and other biomass types) and integrate it with a steam microturbine (NextGrid). The resulting system is attractive to the environment and economy because it provides heat and electricity in one package, at a cheaper price compared with oil and gas, with less pollutants emitted.

Identification of Blood Biomarkers for Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Persons with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and healthy individuals will be recruited for a study to identify novel blood biomarkers for the diagnosis of PAD. Participants will be matched for age and sex. They will have their Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) and pulse wave velocity (PWV) measured. They will then be asked to return to the clinic within two days to provide a fasting blood sample. The intern will conduct a literature review regarding potential biomarkers for PAD diagnosis and become familiar with the diagnostic capabilities and equipment developed by Koven Technology Canada.

Sensor Development for Intelligent Apiary

This project will design an Apiary Management System to control and study environmental conditions that affect beehive health and honey production. Several efforts will be undertaken in developing this intelligent hive concept. In-hive environmental sensors will be implemented and thermal backplane will be developed to regulate the temperature within the hive. Sensors will be installed for studying bee movement, activity, and population. In the environment surrounding the apiary, food type and availability will be studied.

Assessment of safety and efficacy of probiotics use in premature infants

Probiotics are suggested to greatly reduce the risk of mortality and risk of infection in the gut of preterm infants. However, probiotics are rarely given to babies in hospitals in North America. The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of probiotics supplementation in improving intestinal heath and preventing gut complications in premature infants. In this study, 25 preterm infants in St. Boniface Hospital will receive the probiotic for four weeks and 25 infants in the Winnipeg Health Science Centre will not receive probiotics.

Advanced Computational Algorithms for Transient Stability Simulation Using Dynamic Phasors

The main objective of the proposed research project is to develop a new transient stability simulation method based on advanced computational and modeling techniques that is both fast and accurate. Transient stability studies are an important part of system planning and operation as they ensure that a system will maintain stable operation following severe disturbances. However, traditional simulation techniques were not designed for the size and complexity of modern power systems.

Testing of Fibre Properties for their Biomedical Applicability

Natural fibres have been used in many industry sectors such as automobiles, aerospace, construction, etc., but their use in the biomedical industry is relatively new. The major obstacle to their use is the lack of information on relevant fibre properties. This project focuses on testing three critical properties: antimicrobial properties, antioxidant properties, and water sorption in flax, hemp, canola, and sweet clover fibres. Testing these properties will be a stepping stone for proving the applicability of natural fibres in biomedical applications.

Evaluating the impact of workplace indoor environmental quality on employee comfort and wellness

The design and quality of the indoor environment is understood to play an important role in the well-being and productivity of building occupants. While many building and design strategies have been employed to enhance the indoor environmental quality of workplace environments there is a surprising a lack of empirical evidence drawn from buildings in-use that shows how such strategies actually affect occupants.

Management and mining of big energy sector data

With advances in techniques, high volumes of valuable data are generated in many domains (e.g., energy sector) at a rapid rate. Consequently, a scalable and flexible system for efficient storage and fast management of these distributed data is needed. In this proposed research project, we plan to design and implement a cloud-based data storage & management system that is flexible, scalable and fast to handle distributed data in a parallel fashion for the partner organization.