A Near Field System based on Modulated Scattering Technique for Microwave Tomography Application

Microwave tomography (MWT) is a relatively new imaging modality that uses electromagnetic radiation to illuminate an object. Using the scattered field by the object of interest, MWT reconstructs the image of the object. We have been doing research on this topic for a few years and we have successfully developed several computational-imaging algorithms and experimental tomography systems at our imaging lab of the University of Manitoba. In order to increase the accuracy of measurements and calibration procedure, we want to increase the number of probing sites in the system.

Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile Device Interactions, Mobile User Interfaces


Navigation interfaces (such as scrolling, zooming, and panning) are the key components that help users move between different views on a document. The project’s goal is to enhance current user interfaces for collaborative search tasks. Initially, we will use spatial documents (ie, maps) to explore potential enhancements. We will also provide visual features, to improve collaborative search tasks, which will show to each user where the other is browsing.

Experimental investigation of anaerobic digestion conducted under controlled conditions: data collection and analysis

Anaerobic digestion is an environmentally-friendly process that breaks down biomass into simpler, more stable components, while simultaneously capturing energy in the form of a methane-rich biogas.  Digesters are usually used to treat wastes, such as at municipal waste facilities, or from livestock farms.  However, anaerobic digesters are not very reliable, suffering from occasional “digester upsets”.  Consequently, anaerobic digestion is less attractive to industry as compared to other less environmental alternatives.  The reason behind this unreliability lies in the complexities of anaero

Sensor design and historical data analysis for condition monitoring of overhead conductors

The key challenge of condition monitoring is to predict, based on non-destructive inspection and operating data, whether or not a piece of equipment needs replacing or not. In this case the piece of equipment is an overhead power conductor – a critical element in electrical power supply. Measuring the voltage level of an overhead conductor presents a challenging engineering problem.