Affinity Cell Purification and Cell Activity Modulation with Aptamers

Aptamers are short strands of nucleic acids with high affinity and specificity for their targets. Advantages of using aptamers, relative to antibodies, include their smaller size, ease of synthesis, and lack of immunogenicity. Therefore, aptamers technology can be a novel cancer therapy strategy. The goals of our research program are to develop aptamers that catch and release circulating tumor cells and block receptors involve in cancer stem cell pathways.

Development of a public sector change management model

Change is a necessary part of an organization’s existence and its continued growth. Therefore, the ability to manage change effectively and efficiently contributes to organizational success. The intern, through an extensive review of change models and public sector change literature, will develop a change model suitable for the public sector environment. The model will be validated and refined through interviews with public sector managers.

Improvement of Quality and Efficacy of Natural HealthProducts & Dietary Supplement

The overall goal of this project is for the University science team at the University of Ottawa and University of New Brunswick to develop high quality Echinacea products for Canadian and world markets in collaboration with Amway Canada. One objective involves phytochemical and pharmacological selection and propagation of elite Echinacea from the historic Echinacea germplasm available at Amway’s Trout Lake Farm. A second objective is to develop evidence based marketing information on the improved Echinacea.

Embedded stereo disparity computation

CogniVue is a leading innovator in embedded computer vision, providing both hardware and software solutions that enable its customers to develop high-performance, low-power embedded vision applications. From the success of recent 3D sensing technologies such as the Microsoft Kinect or the Intel Creative camera, the need for innovative low-cost depth sensors is rapidly growing. In the range of 3D sensing technologies that are available stereo vision offers unique value propositions in terms of range, flexibility to lighting conditions, cost and power.

Web Page Classification for Web Data Mining

Web page classification is the process of assigning a web page to one or more predefined categories and it is one of the essential techniques of web mining. Web page classification identifies what type of web page we are extracting data from and can help search engines to effectively deal with and rank web pages into categories. Machine learning and data mining techniques are usually used in web page classification. This project will review, analyze and compare several existing machine learning and data mining methods and select optimal one(s) that can fulfill our goals.

Postcard from Turkey: University of Ottawa master’s student helps contain greenhouse gases

At the University of Ottawa’s Chemical and Biological Engineering department, I work with Dr. Tezel and Dr. Boguslaw Kruczek to investigate the potential for inorganic membranes to capture greenhouse gases. Although these membranes are well suited to large-scale applications, they are a few years away from industrial implementation.

Risk-Aware Decision Support Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Territorial Security

Robotic sensor networks (RSN) are increasingly applied to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). In such an application, a RSN is deployed to safe-guard some critical infrastructure (e.g., building, pipeline, etc.) in a secure and reliable fashion. By actively considering risk as a major driving force,  this project aims at deciding on the optimal configuration of an ensemble of robotic nodes, their data processing and information extraction mechanisms and the ways in which they can reconfigure themselves in order to respond to emerging threats and risks in the environment.

Wireless Asset Tracking and Locating System

Proposed research project consists of finding a suitable solution to the problem of tracking assets in environments with different constraints. The solution is expected to include the development of geolocation algorithm and then based on the algorithm creating schematics of several modules with transceivers, embedding of required low level software to the selected microcontroller controlling the transceivers, developing high level software for server side data management and client side monitoring and control.

Reducing high school dropout rates in Canada

Rogers Raising the Grade uses the appeal of technology and dedicated space provided in Tech Centres designed exclusively for participating clubs, quality online resources, alongside 1:1 mentoring to re-engage youth in learning and the commitment to finish high school. 

Manitoba Mathematics Action Research Project

Recently PLS has signed a contract with the Ministry of Education in Manitoba. The province has been experiencing declining math scores across the province in both international tests such as PISA and in their provincial standardized tests. Manitoba is deeply committed to improving students mathematical achievement and as a result has hired PLS to develop an evidence based professional learning model that will help deepen teachers understanding of math and pedagogy, and to measure the impact of this professional learning on student achievement.