Knowledge, awareness, and uptake of new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Being physically active is associated with many health benefits. To help guide people on how much activity they need for optimal health, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology developed new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for all age groups. Specifically, this work will look at assessment, awareness, and uptake of the new guidelines as it relates to Canadians, their families, and their health care providers.

Professional Sport Club Value: Competition Time

Four leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, dominate professional sport in North America. One of the disparities between all four leagues is the number of regular season games played, or for the purpose of this study competition time. There are also large differences between league revenues and thus the study will examine if there is a relationship between league revenue and competition time. A series of studies will be analyzed to determine if in fact there is a relationship between competition time and league.

Development of High Efficiency Compact Recuperators

Distributed Power Generation (DPG) offers a novel approach to reduce power losses. Micro-turbines (MT) are instrumental in the development of a high efficiency DPG system. The major drawback is the associated wasted heat. Increasing the viability of DPG is directly linked with the development of higher efficiency MTs. MTs equipped with a recuperator preheating the inlet gas using the heat recovered from the hot exhaust gases have the potential to reach over 50% thermal efficiency. To this end, a new method for producing recuperators has recently been developed by Brayton Energy Canada.

Award Winner Interview: Liang Feng

Can you tell us a bit about the research you did through Mitacs Globalink that led to you winning the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation – Undergraduate?

Amplifying youth voices: A qualitative investigation of Raising the Grade

Raising the Grade is an innovative after-school program launched last year by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC) in 35 clubs across Canada. Through the use of online learning tools, mentorship, and the early promise of a scholarship, the program hopes to engage youth at risk of dropping out of high school and help them graduate from high school and enrol in post-secondary education. The proposed internship is part of a long-term developmental, formative evaluation of Raising the Grade currently conducted by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC).

An Integrated Technology Architect for Real Time Care Process Management

Patients are facing excessive wait times at hospitals, especially within Emergency Departments. Long wait times expose patients to unnecessary risks, and are very costly to hospitals. In addition, a number of governmental and medical guidelines impose limits on patient wait times. This has prompted hospitals to explore technologies that can enhance patients flow and reduce wait times. This research aims to address patients wait time issues by deploying a Care Process Management system (CPM) that models and monitor clinical pathways as a process model.

An Integrated Approach using Process Models and Business Analytics for Efficient Delivery of Patient Care

The use of business process modeling (BPM) and analytics has demonstrated exceptional results in improving efficiency and effectiveness in various industries. Health care processes however, are characterized by uncertain, exception and continual evolution. This project aims to apply flexible, adaptive and evolutionary process modeling protocols coupled with operations research and other analytic methods to the health care environment.

Test Automation with TTCN-3

Development of an Avionics system test methodology, based on the Test and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3). This will include (1) a gap analysis between TTCN-3 and current avionics test languages and environments and (2) a large scale case study. Of particular interest, will be the ability to model and verify both continuous control and discrete event aspects of avionics systems. This project will be used to improve verification and validation of CMC Electronics' innovative new avionics designs.

Algorithms for public health

“Through this research internship, I have learned a lot about the various applications and software used for mapping virus genes,” Ye explains.

Alongside Dr. Stephane Aris-Brosou, from the University of Ottawa’s Department of Biology, Ye is creating a novel algorithm to analyze the evolution and transmission network of the virus.

Stepping towards a dream job

“Certainly searching for a job is much more than sending resumes and waiting for an interview. The business skills I’ve learned through Mitacs Step have provided me with valuable communication and networking abilities, the know-how to create impactful resumes and business cards, as well as appropriate manners and etiquette during an interview or at a industry event, all of which I’ve applied to my present job hunt.”