Improving the Nouse® Perceptual Vision Interface for Individuals who have a Physical Disability

Nouse® software technology is a unique Canadian patented technology that uses advanced Video Recognition algorithms to allow a computer user to operate a computer hands‐free using the nose )or any other part of the body). Essentially, the Nouse® allows an individual to use their nose as a mouse. Over the past 4 years, a partnership between the University of Ottawa, Bruyère Continuing Care and IVIM Inc. has been working on refining this technology to ensure it is suitable for a physically disabled population.

Application of Cold Spray Coatings for Repair of Aerospace Parts

There are currently no practical/economical repair methods for many aerospace parts made of aluminum/titanium. The Cold Spray technology produces metal coatings by accelerating metal powders into the substrate to be coated using high velocity jet at supersonic speeds. Upon impact the particles plastically deform and produce a dense coating. Metals such as aluminum/titanium can be applied by this process without damaging the parts to be coated. As such, it is believed that Cold Spray can be used to restore/repair damaged aluminum/titanium aerospace coatings/parts as well as other parts.

Autonomic Computing Models and Adaptation of the Control Loop.

Autonomic Computing Systems are systems which are capable of self‐configuring, self‐healing, self‐optimizing and self‐protecting themselves, by constantly monitoring the current state of the system, determining if the state of the system must change and how the state must change, and finally taking appropriate action in order to bring the system to the desired state. The intern will build on previous work in autonomic computing by analyzing the impact of making changes in a control loop at runtime.

Apoptosis as a Mechanism for Delayed Engraftment in Cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplants

High dose chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma is followed by the infusion of patients’ own bloodforming stem cells to restore the function of the bone marrow. Canada Blood Services provides critical support in processing and storing these essential stem cell products at very low temperatures. On occasion, the recovery of blood cells after the transplant is delayed, increasing the risk of infections and bleeding complications. In many cases, it is not known why there is delayed engraftment.

Measurements and Modeling of Wireless Relay Channels in Urban Microcellular

This applied research engineering project is a University of Ottawa-CRC collaboration to produce knowledge applicable in the design of future wireless communication systems and networks. The collaboration gives the intern access to both CRC's technical capabilities, equipment, internationally recognized expertise in radio propagation research and radio channel modeling, along with the theoretical knowledge developed at the University of Ottawa.

Does Endovascular Coiling of Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms Result in

Preventing a brain aneurysm from bleeding is an important minimally invasive procedure. It involves specialized training to develop skills in manipulating a tiny tube from the groin artery into the brain. This is performed using highly specialized imaging/X-ray equipment. Once the tube is guided into the brain aneurysm, small coils are positioned within the aneurysm to prevent it from bleeding. The goal of this internship is to investigate the efficacy of this technique in treating one of the most common types of brain aneurysms located at the posterior communicating artery.

Intelligent Mobile Asset Tracking

Tracking and managing the dynamic location of mobile assets is critical for many organizations with mobile resources. Current tracking systems are costly and inefficient over wireless transmission systems where cost is based on the rate of data being sent. The intern is part of a team at UOttawa which focuses on tracking GPS-enabled mobile devices mounted on the asset by understanding the behaviour of typical traffic generated by a mobile device for reporting GPS data in various demographics.

Development and Application of Optical Fiber Intrusion Sensor

The scope of this project is to develop a fence intrusion sensor by optical fiber for security monitoring purpose. Senstar-Stellar is the world's leading supplier of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors and systems. The R&D group is seeking for new idea and new technique for building a high performance distributed intrusion sensor with large area coverage and low false alarm rate. Our current research area is distributed optical fiber sensor for dynamic measurements and we had successfully demonstrated a novel optical fiber vibration sensor in the lab environment.

Sources and Timescales of Fluid Flow: Gold Deposit Generation during Metamorphism, Abitibi Sub-province, Canada

The Abitibi Sub-province extends from Timmins, ON to Val d’Or, QC and contains gold deposits with equivocal genesis, derived from either magmatic or metamorphic processes. The largest of the gold lode deposits precipitated at paleotemperatures and paleopressures indicative of depths 8-12 km below the surface. Metal-rich fluid flow at these depths through structurally deformed rocks during mountain building events is likely the responsible mechanism for precipitation of gold ore, thus a model more preferential to the metamorphic scenario.