Information system for SCA

The goal of this project is to build an information system to help SCA(Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association) improve the information flow between itself and cattle producers, make information more accessible for cattle producers and automate some of the procedure SCA currently has to do manually. Examples include sale reporting via web services and cow tracking via mobile devices. In order to do so, the database of SCA needs to be redesigned and three mobile applications need to be developed.

Management of Context for Smartphone-based Marketing for Brick & Mortar Retailers

Smartphones are not only incredibly powerful computing devices, but also sophisticated sensor platforms. Leveraging sensed user context, such as location, to provide targeted advertising has been discussed as a potential application of ubiquitous sensing in the literature, and is beginning to appear in industrial applications.

Selective removal of neutral nitrogen compounds from heavy gas oil

Heavy gas oil (HGO) obtained from Athabasca bitumen is very difficult to hydrotreat due to high sulfur and nitrogen content. It is proposed that removal of non-basic nitrogen species from HGO prior to hydrotreating will strongly enhance desulfurization process and improve the length of catalytic cycle.

Developing m-health application framework

MedInstructional Resources Inc. focuses on providing turnkey solution for the education needs of the medical professions. Our current focus is on improving the reliability, agility, accountability and quality of medical student exams. The widespread adoption of mobile computing devices like tablets, offer the possibility to digitize the process of conducting student/patient exams in hospitals.

Development of social and economic indicators for sustainable remediation

The proposed research will develop and test a sustainable remediation framework and set of proposed social and economic indicators. The framework will build upon existing tools and complement current practices and regulations. The intern 's work is part of SRC's two-year project is to provide a new niche service that will help SRC's clients select the optimal remediation alternative.

Synchrotron imaging of ovaries ex Sstu

Conventional ultrasonography is limited in its ability to image small structures within the ovaries (eg. the eggs and surrounding cells, small fluid filled sacs that contain the eggs known as 'early antral follicles', the structure of the ovulation glands). Preliminary data obtained from our research team at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) have indicated that phase-contrast Computed Tomography (CT) synchrotron methods are effective for imaging bovine and human ovaries.

New rockstar philosophy: an interactive e-book app

An eBook App is a native app that can grant access to all of a book’s content and additionally integrade any functionality to it. It is an interesting option for ebook projects that have access to large amounts of content want to incorporate user-generated data and connect to other digital artifacts. Unlike a pdf an eBook App enables rich and engaging interactions and therefore offers more exciting experiences for the reader.

Middleware layer for mobile game architecture

Mobile devices are well established at the heart of our digital lives. Today, these devices are utilized as personalized and enterprise application nodes. Moreover, mobile devices support ubiquitous access to data which even makes them a pivotal component in the deployment of applications such as online games. However, there are challenges that have plagued the mobile field. No matter the advances we make, mobile devices still rely on wireless channels to communicate, and these channels experience sporadic disconnections and bandwidth fluctuations.

Methods for detection of emergent gameplay

Games are no fun to play if there is a perfect winning strategy so that a player can always win by playing it. Game designers are aware of this, but it is notoriously difficult to predict when such strategies exist for a given rule set. This project is about studying the effects of changing the rules of a game or adding new rules, especially non-traditional ones like giving away points, in order to predict the existence or likelihood of a perfect winning strategy.

Consuming social media services on heterogeneous devices

Social media integration into enterprise-oriented workflows is gaining widespread adoption due to factors such as crowdsourcing and inter-organization collaborations. The partner organization has an existing system that is working for helping Saskatchewan businesses grow by bringing educated youth into the province. Their system is for providing opportunities for people all around the world to live and work in Saskatchewan. Our work will be to re-develop the existing infrastructure in a way that it can be integrated with social media with user generated content.