Secure blockchain technologies

In the recent years, blockchain technologies have shown promise as infrastructure for decentralized trustless anonymous digital asset exchange. The technology promises to transform how the data is shared in many areas including financial sector, insurance and gaming industries. Yet several obstacles prevent mainstream adoption of this technology - one of these challenges is security.

Innovations in Municipal Bylaw Adjudication

This research will look at existing and possible innovations that would make municipal bylaw enforcement and adjudication in Saskatchewan more accessible, effective and efficient and would reduce the involvement of the formal court system. This may build on the example of regional co-operation offered by the Municipal Bylaw Court in Kindersley, and it may include ways to adjudicate bylaw prosecutions outside of the court system. Any proposed solutions will be suitable for the Saskatchewan context, and any necessary changes to Saskatchewan legislation will be specifically identified.

Fault Detection in Cables: A Machine-Learning Approach

Fault location identification is one of the most common, but challenging, activities that power operators face within industrial plants. Once a fault occurs in the network, protective relays isolate the affected area from the system; then, maintenance crew use special tools and patrol the area to pinpoint the fault. This process may take a lot of time and effort depending on the fault type, detective tools, and cable position.

Development and Evaluation of Interventions for Farm Machinery Operators to Improve Musculoskeletal and Cognitive Health

Producers and farm workers are exposed to whole-body vibration (WBV) on a regular basis when operating farm machinery. The short-term effect of WBV include cognitive impairment and musculoskeletal disorders, such as low back pain. To aid in promoting worker cognitive and musculoskeletal health, rest and/or activity breaks may provide relief from these hazards and can be implemented immediately without cash investment. For these breaks to be appealing, they must be effective in reducing adverse health effects from WBV exposure, and must be feasible for field implementation.

Indigenous and Northern Centre for Innovation

The goal of this project is to support Indigenous economic development corporations in the establishment of technology-focused companies designed to introduce, test and market new and emerging technologies of potential application for Indigenous communities. At present, northern, remote and Indigenous communities are being left behind in the technological revolution. Companies do not reach out to First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. The” innovation gap” is growing larger.

Production of in vitro and in vivo bison embryos derived from sexed semen - Year two

In mammals, the sperm determines the sex of the resulting offspring. Semen sexing is a process whereby sperm are sorted into Y- (male) or X-chromosome (female) bearing gametes. Sexed semen may be used for artificial insemination or in vitro embryo production to create offspring of a desired sex. In a zoo setting, fewer males are required because of their ability to breed multiple females.

An Investigation into the Role of Fe Mineralogy in Hydrocarbon Remediation in Western Canadian Soils

Contamination of soils with toxic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene) is a widespread environmental concern in Canada. Remediation of contaminated soils is often destructive to land resources. In-situ remediation built on soil infiltration with biostimulatory solutions represents an effective approach that bypasses this drawback, however field studies suggest it is not effective under all conditions. The reason for this, however, is unclear.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization of Very High Lift Coe?cient Airfoil

The proposed research project’s objective is to perform analysis on airfoil dimensions and configurations for a crosswind power kite system for wind energy generation. The airfoil will be examined through computational methods to determine how well the airfoil will perform. The airfoil configurations will then be optimized to find better designs for airborne wind energy systems. The The partner will benefit from this work as better airfoil designs may be found, along with further understanding of how changes in airfoil configurations effect the behavior.

The simulation of multiple interacting garments as an outfit on a tailored avatar

For the online customer, confidence in the purchase of a garment depends on the effectiveness of sizing charts and how the garment would appear as part of an entire outfit. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the customer to precisely predict how the product would fit when worn and just how well the garment coordinates with others. This often leads to consumer regret and an increase in product returns, incurring substantial costs for clothing retailers.

Effects of host, pathogen, and environmental factors on increased incidence of European foulbrood in honey bee colonies pollinating blueberries

The estimated value of honey bee pollination in the form of increased crop yields in Canada is $2 - $4 billion. In recent years, beekeepers pollinating blueberries have reported an increased incidence of European foulbrood (EFB). EFB is a bacterial disease of honey bee larvae which can lead to larval starvation and death.