Applications of Quantum Monte Carlo Sampling

In today’s quantum computing environment, access to all major hardware providers is entirely cloud-based. As a result, large enterprises and other privacy-sensitive users are limited in their ability to experiment with quantum computers. Many have simply chosen to forego experimentation with quantum computers altogether. A careful application of recent research is vital to address this need via the development, testing, and deployment of security solutions designed for today’s quantum computers.

iStandardize: Recommendations for Healthcare Form Standardiz

iStandardize is an AI-powered machine learning solution that is designed to streamline the standardization of clinical order sets (i.e., forms) by using machine learning and natural language processing techniques. Currently, hospital networks use multiple versions of forms and order sets, many of them are similar in nature. The lack of standardization poses a challenge in integrating the data for sharing, adds additional documentation burden, and disrupts the workflow for clinicians.

Multilingual B2B Supplier Detection and Information Extraction

At Tealbook, we search the web to make the world’s business-to-business supplier websites readily accessible. We extract important sentences and keywords to create a searchable database that buyers can then use to find the right supplier for their needs. But right now, we are limited to servicing English-language organizations. Can we expand our services to French? To German? To Korean? To any of the other 7000 languages in the world? Doing so would not only allow Tealbook to reach a wider audience, but also help the world stay interconnected in any language.

Using NLP models to fetch SQL data via voice command for SOTI SNAP Analytics (NL-to-SQL)

This project is focusing on creating an integration of a database and mathematical calculation, with the use of Alexa, Google home, Cortana, so that users can use Natural Language to aggregate meaningful data and answer questions from a given database. For example, suppose there is a database about car sales. If I asked Siri, “who is the best sales for BMW in Toronto?” Our designed algorithm should return the name of the top sales from this given database.

Designing ‘Zero credit touch’ (ZCT) pre-approved credit underwriting program for retail customers

ICICI Bank has developed various ‘Zero credit touch’ (ZCT) strategies where without any credit intervention and additional information taken from customers, credit facilities can be provided.

Learning Discussion Thread Representations to Empower Conten-based Recommendation

VerticalScope is a company that owns online forums in many domains, such as automotive, health, technology, and powersports. VerticalScope uses a content based recommender system to mitigate the cold start problem, where a large portion of traffic on the forums are made by unregistered users. The goal of this project is to learn representations of discussion threads. Thread representations that capture semantic and contextual information can improve the recommender system to suggest more relevant threads to users, and boosts search engine optimization and user retention rate.

Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning

The goal of the project is to improve upon the methodology behind goal conditioned learning. In this framework, similar to the setup in traditional reinforcement learning, an agent interacts with an environment. However, instead of training the agent to maximize return, the agent is trained to reach a given goal at the end of the trajectory. That is, given a rollout-specific goal, the agent attempts to reach it.

Recommending Benefits Utilization to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Users on the League platform have access to a number of health and wellness benefits including massage, physiotherapy, personal trainers and a variety of other programs; however, not all of them fully utilize them to maximize their wellbeing. Utilizing the health and program utilization data we want to develop robust personalized predictions that will suggest to individuals, programs that they are eligible for and would benefit their health.

Forum Representation for Cross-Domain Recommendation

An internet forum is an online site for people to have conversations. It contains threads to hold discussions between users. Recommending appropriate threads to forum users is one of the main goals of an internet forum. To provide positive user experience, cross-domain thread recommendation is required, which can be benefited greatly from the help of forum representations. This research project aims to use two different approaches to create forum representation.

Applied Machine Learning for Early Detection of Retinal Toxicity

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an anti-inflammatory drug that is widely prescribed for a range of auto-immune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. An unwanted side effect of long-term use of HCQ is vision loss by retinal toxicity. If detected early, it could lead to early intervention to prevent vision loss and improve the quality of life for patients.
The project involves research on current machine learning approaches for the development of a system that would aid in the early detection of retinal toxicity.