Ultrafast laser nano-structuring in transparent glass: enabling 3D fibre-photonics packaging and assembly for high temperature sensing

This Mitacs project addresses a significant barrier the partner company (Fibos Inc.) is facing with their current customers in manufacturing of fibre optical sensors that can be robust and cost effective for the high temperature and pressure environments. The market is aimed at sensing of rotor assemblies in turbines where electrical and other means of measurement are not directly possible.

Light Weighting Structural Injection Molded Parts for the Automotive Industry

Light weighting in the automotive industry is ever becoming important. The overall objective of this research project with Axiom Group Inc. is to develop an innovative, cost-effective and industry-scale technology that can produce lightweight automotive products with good impact strengths. The project is aiming to achieve the cellular morphology to maximize weight reduction (20-30%) without sacrificing (or even while enhancing) impact properties of the product.

High Energy, RAnge extending battery for Electrical Vehicles (HERA-EV)

We can deal with the daunting challenges of depleting fossil fuels as-well-as the toxic and greenhouse gases emitted from the gasoline/diesel driven vehicles by replacing their internal combustion engine with rechargeable batteries. This project focuses on the development of an all-metal-free and biocompatible rechargeable battery system that will compete with the existing counterparts (Lithium-ion batteries, LIBs) in Electric Vehicles (EVs) currently under development.

Open Air Interface for 5G and Beyond Cellular Networks

This research will focus on the design of 5G networks to provide for future wireless services include the use cases of Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC), and Ultra-reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC), and application area use cases such as Smart City, Smart Home/In-building, Augmented Reality, Self-Driving Cars, etc. 5G Technology has been standardized according to a broad framework in terms of the format of the transmitted wireless signals and the basic protocols including its compatibility with LTE networks.

BoneTape: A Novel Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Technology

The Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry is becoming a strategic economic sector for Canada. Aquaculture in Canada employs approximately 25,000 people with a total economic impact of over $5B. While farmed salmon is already Canada?s top aquaculture export, salmon aquaculture has significant capacity for growth in this country. Atlantic salmon farmed in sea cages on the Canadian coasts face multiple environmental stressors that can impair their growth performance and immune status.

Closing Skill Gaps in Under- and Unemployed Youth

Learning, an online learning platform, to underemployed or unemployed youth. Building on the work of a pilot project by CivicAction, the intern will plan and implement a randomized controlled trial to test factors driving uptake of online learning and its effects on employment outcomes. The intern and CivicAction will engage with Toronto-area employment services providers to provide various treatment intensities. Treatment groups range from a simple offering of a license to weekly reminders and curated playlists to encourage uptake or hands-on help in setting up online learning modules.

Development of a supervised and transparent prediction model for predicting bond credit rating migrations in real-time for short to moderate time frame

The purpose of this research is to develop a supervised prediction model that will be used to predict whether a bond credit rating will migrate down to a lower credit rating in a short to moderate time frame.

Modelling the current and future (2025) state of travel demand in the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor

The economic productivity and social quality of life within the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) in general and the Toronto – Waterloo Innovation Corridor in particular depends on a high-quality transportation network that provides cost-effective, attractive mobility to the regions residents and businesses. Expansion of the GGH road and transit networks, however, has not kept up with the region’s rapid and sustained growth over the past several decades.

An Integrated Co-Simulation-Data Analytics Platform for Smart Grid Modeling and Cybersecurity Analysis

The smart grid represents a marriage between power systems and information technology to provide increased and reliable access to power. The greater dependence on information systems however makes it more vulnerable to cyberattack. Modeling these systems accurately is a significant challenge due to their complexity and connected nature. In this work, we focus on the open research problem of developing a modeling platform that combines co-simulation, real equipment and data analytics.

Implementing biological control of introduced Phragmites australis in Ontario

Introduced Phragmites australis (common reed) is considered one of the most invasive plants in North America. European genotypes spread widely and can form dense stands with undesirable ecological impacts. Conventional management approaches have proved largely ineffective, leaving classical biocontrol (i.e., introducing herbivores of the plant from its native range) as the most promising alternative.