Mobile Transaction Initialization, Authentication and Cooperation


The intern and organizational partner are looking for unique and interesting ways of using mobile devices to help authenticate users and methods of cooperation between a mobile device and another device, a PC for example. The intern will research and implement different authentication techniques on mobile devices. Additionally, it is prudent to study and develop a way of simplifying user interactions while maintaining a high level of security at all times.

Let’s talk about optimization

Optimization techniques, an emerging innovation, can serve as one of the tools for financial institutions and companies to find better solutions and improve decision-making. With this focus, Mitacs Elevate Fellow Oleksandr Romanko created an industry-academic event called ‘Optimization in Finance and Risk Management’.  

Held in Toronto just this past month, the 2-day workshop aimed to bridge the gap between academic research in optimization and practical financial and risk management applications of optimization techniques.

Novel 3-D User Interfaces for improved situation awareness and mobile robot control

In an alien or possibly hostile environment, the situation awareness of a remote robot operator will be limited. Map information may not be known beforehand. The site may also be in a dynamic state where changes occur in the surrounding in any moment. The main objective of this project is to develop novel technologies to increase situation awareness of remote robot operators and their ability to intuitively interact with the robots for more efficient operations.

Distributed collaborative recommendation engine for Asset Store


In this project we attempt to research and develop from ground up a scalable distributed computing based recommendation engine using machine learning. A computer science student from the University of Toronto will work with Side Effects Software at their Toronto office to implement the research intensive recommendation engine algorithm and integrate it in the smart asset online store. We expect and hope that this will result in high quality recommendation, is scalable and has a strong foundation in statistical machine learning based algorithm approach.

Mobile Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Technology

The research project will involve the development of features and techniques to aid people with communication disabilities through the use of consumer mobile devices (ex. smartphones) and tablet computers. Some of the major areas of interest include: location aware vocabularies, predictive sentence construction, and support for alternative input for people that also suffer from motor control problems. This work will directly benefit the partner organization by providing enhancements and breakthrough, cutting-edge, technology features to the MyVoice commercial product.

Modeling foreign exchange interest rate hybrid financial derivatives under a multicurrencymodel with stochastic volatility

The proposed project addresses the main challenge in modeling long-dated (maturities of 30 years or more) foreign exchange (FX) interest rate (IR) hybrid derivatives, namely the strong sensitivity of the products to the skew of the FX volatility smiles via the use of a stochastic process, such as the Heston model. Numerical methods based on a partial differential equation (PDE) approach will be developed for the pricing of these derivatives. The expected benefits of the project to the industrial partner are (i) flexible modeling frameworks for long-dated FX-IR, which can be easily modified