Impact of co-morbid depression on PTSD severity in Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Employees

Workplace trauma has significant adverse effects on the individual and the employers. The majority of people exposed to a traumatic event will recover and not suffer from further difficulties, but 8 - 12% will go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. In this study, two groups of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employees will be compared: those with PTSD diagnosis and a group with PTSD and depression diagnosis. The primary outcome of the study is the severity of PTSD symptoms.

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission for Chinese and Developing World Cities


Chinese cities are amongst the fasted growing cities in the world and they have per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates that are similar to western cities. This research quantifies GHG emissions for the three Chinese city-provinces of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. A computer model is then developed for projecting the future growth in Shanghai’s emissions under current policies and infracstructure plans.

Time series analysis for forecasting television ratings and market share

Television ratings in Canada are collected by BBM Canada, a not-for-profit organization that serves all the major television networks in Canada. Monthly surveys of 30,000 households collect a range of data on demographic variables and television viewing habits. The proposed research is to investigate models that take into account market swings between various modes of television signal delivery: off-air, cable, digital satellite and digital cable.