Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Power Systems with Different Energy Storage System Configurations and Parameters

Hybrid vehicle technology is an important and exciting area of research. This internship is with Azure Dynamics, a BC company that designs and manufactures hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles. The intern’s research will provide a detailed energy storage system model and designs using various batteries, ultracapacitors and their combinations, as well as the computer simulation of various hybrid vehicle power systems using ADVISOR (Advanced VehIcle SimulatOR) and the company’s vehicle simulation software.

Real-time Reproduction of Statistical Accurate Distributed System Workloads

Enquisite Software provides analytical services to corporate clients through the “mining” of data detailing how client customers interact with the clients’ Internet-point of presence. To facilitate this work, Enquisite actively collects a continuous stream of client interaction data which is stored in its repository, on which Enquisite clients perform on-demand queries for business actionable knowledge.

Security Assertion Checking & Enforcement Using Monitors

The goal of this project is to develop a new set of procedures and tools for testing the security of running software systems using a technique based on the concept of monitor. Monitors are systems which observe and analyze the behavior of a second system. The monitor will be designed as an external system that uses software “hooks” in the existing system to insert and extract information. This framework will allow the checking of assertions and the reporting of exceptions.

Forest Habitat Requirements for Nesting Sandhill Cranes in Coastal British Columbia

The Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) is a tall, long-lived bird that uses isolated wetlands, estuaries and meadows in British Columbia for breeding and staging. The Sandhill Crane is “blue-listed” (a species of special concern) in British Columbia and requires specific management strategies, including Wildlife Habitat Areas, for forest and range activities. Sandhill Cranes found along the coast of BC have a distinct coastal migration path, and are thought to have different habitat requirements for staging, breeding, and wintering than interior Sandhill Cranes.

Transport Phenomena in Bulk CdTe Production

5N Plus produces commercial quantities of bulk compound semiconductors including CdTe and CdZnTe. These compounds are novel x-ray and gamma ray detectors and are expected to greatly reduce the cost and complexity of medical and industrial imaging devices such as MRI machines and airport scanners. The intern will apply electromagnetic fields and thermal forcing to improve the reliability and yield of compound semiconductor production systems.

Statistical Qualification of an Existing Industry-held “Malware” Feature Set

ParetoLogic Inc is a Victoria, BC-based software company which develops anti-spyware solutions. Maintaining the accuracy and completeness of their products’ spyware detection capabilities is a key business need in the competitive anti-spyware marketplace. Currently, maintaining the requisite spyware signature database is a human-intensive effort, relying on highly-skilled personnel to both collect and analyze potentially malicious code.

Optimization of the SyncWave Power Resonator

SyncWave Energy Inc (SEI) is a domestic developer of wave energy conversion technology. In 2008, SyncWave aims to deliver small, commercial SyncWave Power Resonators for servicing isolated communities and offshore installations. In parallel with experimental of the first prototype unit, named CHARLOTTE, SEI is collaborating with UVic researchers on the development of a tuning device named SWELS.

Development of Mathematical Models for Flow in a Porous Media

Continuous fiber reinforced thermoset composite structures can be produced by injecting liquid resins into a mold where it hosts pre-placed fiber reinforcement. One of the common processes presently utilized in the industry is the Resin Transfer Molding, abbreviated as RTM. In this process, fiber preforms are placed in a closed mold and resin is injected into the mold to impregnate the preform. After the resin cures, the mold is opened and the final composite part is de-molded. RTM can produce complex and high quality composite components in series production with smooth surface finishing.

Performance Modelling of Professional Cyclists Using Self-organizing Maps

This project aims at performance modelling of athletes and involves the collection of detailed data that affects rider performance in professional cycling. This data is utilized for assessment of training and performance and for supporting individual training schedules through modelling and profiling of individual athletes. The methodology is based on pattern discovery and recognition using Self Organizing Maps, an exploratory data analysis model of demonstrated success in automated monitoring tasks involving multiple parameters.

Increasing the Efficiency of Light Emission in Signage Applications

Carmanah Technologies Corporation (CTC) manufactures and sells advertising and roadway sign products to various industries throughout North America. These products are fluorescence-based and light emitting diode-based devices. CTC wishes to further improve its current product offering by using optimization techniques and numerical simulations of the lighting systems. The optimization is to be done within industrial constraints to improve overall beam-steering and uniformity of back-lit sign illumination