Vocal and visual signal divergence in a Neotropical songbird

New species may arise when related animal populations diverge in their plumage and song mating signals and no longer respond to the signals of other populations. In many tropical birds, species limits are unclear because of a lack of studies on plumage, song, morphological, and genetic variation among closely-related populations. Even fewer studies investigate whether birds from different populations respond less to mating signals which differ from their own, which would prevent these populations from interbreeding.

Long term trend of air quality in Canada

In most Canadian cites, air quality has been gradually improving during the last 15 years. However, there have been a few examinations of the relationship with the emission reduction that has occurred during the same time period. By investigating the air quality and emission trends for particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, ozone and mercury in southern Ontario and other Canadian cities in the past 15 years, this study will provide useful methodology that could be used in other places to evaluate the effectiveness of emission control measures.

Dehydrobenzooxepanes by Tandem Nicholas Reactions

Benzo- fused seven membered ring ethers, or benzooxepanes, are widely encountered structures within natural products such as the heliannuols. We intend to target the synthesis of this ring system by of employing derivatives of butyne-1,4-diol-Co2(CO)6 complexes, by way of tandem Nicholas reactions with para- substituted phenols, thereby constructing the seven- membered ring system.

2015 Mitacs Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Innovation: Pamela Ovadje, University of Windsor

Pamela Ovadje, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of Windsor is the recipient of the Mitacs Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Innovation for her research with Calgary-based Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) Inc.

Winter ecology and movements of declining songbird species in Manitoba

Migratory birds are in a conservation crisis, with accelerating population declines documented Canada-wide. It is a federal responsibility to protect migratory birds; however, a major gap in the ability to mitigate threats to these species is a lack of knowledge of their year-round movements. By using new tracking technology, our project will quantify movements and migrations of declining songbirds and fill knowledge gaps critical for informing conservation activities. Bird Studies Canada (BSC)’s mission is to engage citizens in understanding and conservation of birds.

Development of agricultural machinery emission inventory of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei

In China, with the rapid advancement of agricultural practice, agriculture machineries have become an essential tool. The widely use of agriculture machineries also make them a significant source of air pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), because most agricultural machineries are not equipped with an emission treatment system and some are poorly maintained. This study will develop an agricultural machinery air emission inventory of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei; this region often experiences the worst air quality in China.

A case study on the influence of fuel quality on the concentration and chemical components of PM2.5 from vehicle emission

Recently, poor air quality due to fine particles (PM2.5) in large areas of China has gained much international attention, and vehicle emission is a significant source of PM2.5. Fuel quality is one of the influencing factors on vehicle emission. However, due to a large number of potential factors including fuel attributes, emission control devices, and driving conditions, there is a lack of systematic investigations on the relationship between fuel quality and PM2.5 emission quantities as well as its compositions.

Yeast Mitochondrial Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase (MST1) as a Model Enzyme for Studying High Fidelity Information: a Multi-scale Computational Chemistry Study

In order for the body to function properly, information from DNA must be translated correctly into proteins. One group of enzymes critical to this process is the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (aaRS). These enzymes attach an amino acid to its cognate tRNA, which delivers them to make proteins. Although this process is critical to the survival of the organism, the details of how the cell achieves such high fidelity and error-free task is not completely understood. Since some amino acids are so similar to each other, aaRS must be able to remove incorrectly attached amino acid-tRNA pairs.

Development of a Patient Aid for Grading of Acne Severity and a Comprehensive Acne Quality of Life Instrument (CompAQ) for Acne Patients

The overall objective of this work is to gain a better understanding of the experience of patients living with acne and how to support their decision making process in terms of acne treatment options. This research will investigate issues surrounding how patients understand how to accurately determine the severity of their acne and the treatment options available to them. From this, an effective patient aid will be developed to inform and support patient’s decision-making process when seeking treatment.

Comparisons: Learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) in a Dominantly Non-English vs. a Dominantly English Speaking Culture

This research project will capture and analyze various aspects of the authentic Chinese education culture in the grade school English language learning environment, namely, the selected décor and physical layout of the classroom; the relationships between a student and his or her teacher and his or her peers; the resources and methods used to enhance the teaching of the English language; and the traditions/customs incorporated into the classroom environment.