Human well-being, ecosystem services and watershed management in the Credit River Valley: Web-distributed mechanisms and indicators for communication and awareness

The importance of ecosystem services to human well-being, and of management of water and other watershed resources in maintaining such services, is not commonly understood by the general public, and not well-enough articulated by environmental management and governance organizations. Beneficiaries of such services are often unaware of the nature of their dependence upon supporting ecosystems. This is particularly true in urbanized watersheds, to the point where researchers discuss “nature deficit disorder” as an aspect of this disconnection.

Adding Extra Constraints to an Open Platform for Industrial

Acculogic develops state-of-the-art testers for short-batch electronic circuit boards (ECBs). The order in which the required tests are performed affects the amount of shuttle and probe movements required between the tests, and this affects the overall efficiency of the test procedure. Unique characteristics of the problem (e.g. the ability to move one set of probes to the next test location while another set of probes is performing a test) make the problem too large and too complex to be solved with most traditional combinatorial optimization and heuristic search techniques (e.g.

Gaining career insight one step at a time

In total, Junjie has taken nine Step workshops. Initially, it was the “the professional coaches and energetic peers” that persuaded him to sign up for more. However, he soon realized the workshops provided him with a broader perspective on his future career path, along with training to develop his soft skills.

Fitness Coach Connects Program Evaluation

Shepell·fgi, a leader in Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) in Canada, launched its Fitness Coach Connects program in June 2013. This program engages users through the use of a wireless activity tracker, personalized interactions and coaching sessions with a dedicated Fitness Coach, as well as access to an online program. This internship will support Shepell·fgi’s Clinical Services and Research department in their evaluation of the Fitness Coach Connects program’s user data and feedback.

CMBS iReport

DBRS CMBS team plans to implement a new product called "CMBS iReport". The product will provide users with a complement of market and property specific data in a highly interactive and accessible interface. The project will involve collect CMBS market data and identify the key factors (demographic factors, macro-economic factors, and loan specific data) that can explain loss severities for CMBS transactions and provide insights to CMBS market stakeholders.

Unions and the Macro-Economy

This research proposes to examine the relationship between unionization in Canada and Canadian rates of employment, unemployment, and the distribution of earned income. Particular attention will be paid to the institutional environment in which unions and collective bargaining exist. The problem to be explored is the way in which the institutional environment (such as laws governing collective bargaining rights) has shaped the effect of unionization on the Canadian macro-economy and consequently affected the employment and income opportunities of working Canadians.

Cancer detection and Muscle

Cancer is a highly prevalent disease. Rapid and early detection is very important for the health of individuals. In this proposal we will employ a specialized technique developed by Panacea Global to detect the onset of cancer in both animal and cancerous muscle cells, and uniquely investigate the role of exercise in cancer progression.

Evaluate the impact on transmission dynamics and cost-effectiveness of pertussis booster vaccine for Canadian adolescents and adults

Pertussis or whooping cough is caused by the strict human pathogen B. pertussis or Bordetella parapertussis and is a highly contagious, potentially life-threatening respiratory tract illness when it occurs in unprotected infants. Despite the introduction of acellular pertussis (aP) vaccines and great initial success of the immunization program, pertussis outbreaks were reported in adolescents and adults in Canada since 1993. This trend was demonstrated as shift in pertussis epidemiology from infants and young children.

The Impact of Intervention on Struggling Adolescents’ Understanding of Self-in-Relationships

This project will be completed in partnership with Pine River Institute, a residential and wilderness treatment centre in Ontario for youths aged 13 – 19. I plan to investigate if/how Pine River Institute is able to help substance-addicted youth achieve the core developmental tasks of adolescence, including developing a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships with others. I am interested in the mechanism of change; that is, what is it about the program that helps accelerate development in the key areas of self and relationships.

Improving precision analysis of power line modeling and integrating data processing chains for automating 3D building rooftop modeling

The project consists of two independent segments. The first part, to be managed by PhD student Yoonseok Jwa, aims to develop and evaluate new photogrammetric computer vision algorithms for detecting and identifying POAs and insulator types attached to power lines (PL).