Production of high barrier recyclable polyolefin packaging

The main element causing food spoilage is oxygen. Minimizing oxygen permeability of films could improve the efficiency of packaging and increase the shelf life of food. Multi-layer films with nylon or EVOH as core layers are widely used in packaging to reach this objective. Despite the advantages of improved barrier properties, technology for recycling multi-layer films with incompatible layers is not available on a large scale. The main objective of this research is to replace the core layer in multi-layer films with a polymer blend compatible with polyolefins.

Yield optimization of an agrifood production process using AI tools and Industry 4.0 technologies

Food manufacturers experience significant waste when transforming raw materials into refined finished products. In the food processing industries, a single line can have 50% or more of raw materials loss while simultaneously producing varying degrees of quality simply because processing equipment is not optimally configured to the characteristics of the suppliers’ raw materials.

ChainCert platform: Verification authentication platform using Blockchain network

Blockchain is a well-known immutable, transparent and anti-counterfeit platform. As such it can be appropriate for submitting certificates for validation and safe-keeping. However, because of its requirements for complex and heavy computations for enhanced security and verification of each submission in the network, in this proposal, we have decided to conduct an experimental study to firstly evaluate several possible Blockchain candidate technologies to determine the ones that are the most cost-efficient and have a better performance for our case study.

Developing Intelligent BI Applications using Machine Learning

SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP Labs Montreal focuses on supporting the consumer products industry. It provides these industries with the software infrastructure that allows its customers to run end-to-end processes including the capturing and analysis of sales transactions. Sales transactions include for example purchases made by each and every customer of the retail industry.

Simulation-based truck dispatching for minerals transportation in open-pit mines

In this project, we replicate the dispatching operation of mineral transportation trucks using a discrete-event simulation model, then we use the data generated by the simulation model to train an AI algorithm to dispatch trucks to loading/unloading shovels. The use of AI in this scheduling problem will improve the system’s performance

Novel process of organic peroxides synthesis

In this work, we will develop new processes, including new raw materials, to produce known organic peroxides; such processes will include direct coupling to manufacture organic peroxides. We will demonstrate the synthesis processes by selecting the appropriate carboxylic acid(s), hydroperoxide starting material(s), catalysts, and operating conditions to produce the desired organic peroxides, particularly, t-butyl peroxybenzoate and also extending to other peresters, such as, t-butyl peroxypivalate and t-butyl perox-2-ethylhexanoate.

On the design of a new electro-refining process for the recovery of magnesium from Used Beverage Can (UBC) aluminum alloys

There is actually a societal challenge here in north America regarding the end-of-life management of used beverage cans (UBCs). China is no longer accepting several of our recyclable waste streams like UBCs. UBCs are made of aluminum that contains some level of magnesium and manganese to modulate the properties of the body and the lid respectively. UBCs can potentially be seen as a great secondary feed for the production of pure magnesium used to manufacture for example critical components in the automotive industry.

Sous-réseau d’antenne pour Radar à Synthèse d’Ouverture destiné à la mesure de masse de neige

Le projet consistera à concevoir et analyser un sous-réseau d’antenne qui devra s’intégrer à une grande antenne réseau, formant le coeur d’un radar à synthèse d’ouverture (RSO). Ce RSO sera utilisé sur une satellite à basse orbite et sa mission sera d’obtenir des images de la couverture, et plus spécifiquement de la masse de neige dans les régions nordiques du Canada. Le suivi de l’évolution de la masse de neige devient nécessaire à cause du réchauffement global.

Design optimization of barricades made of waste rocks

Stope backfilling with mining wastes has witnessed an increasing trend in the mining industry. Prior to filling underground stopes, barricades must be constructed at the base near the entrance of the stopes to retain backfill slurry. Over the past years, a number of barricade failures have been reported. The consequences associated with a barricade failure were usually serious, including flooding of drifts and working spaces, economic loss, personal injury and even life loss. Barricades should be properly designed.

Réduction des risques liés aux troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) et aux vibrations main-bras lors d'activités d'ébavurage chez Héroux-Devtek Inc. - Part 2

La recherche vise à développer un poste de travail incluant des outils manuels, des méthodes de travail, des dispositifs de maintien des pièces, d'aspiration des poussières, et d'éclairage qui permettent de réduire les facteurs de risques à la santé et à la sécurité des travailleurs dans une usine de remise à neuf de pièces de train d'atterrissage d'aéronefs. Ces facteurs de risques sont liés principalement aux mauvaises postures de travail, aux efforts importants lors du travail, ainsi qu'aux vibrations excessives provenant des outils utilisés.