Enabling Operator Decision-Making to Increase the Efficiency of Operator-led Collaborative Teams in Operating Centres Year Two

Operating Centre control rooms are large rooms where trained operators remotely supervise data centre equipment. Operators aim to maintain the connectivity and computer services modern society relies on. They provide services to their organizations or government or industry clients including forming and monitoring tactical teams that solve time-critical computing issues. Their daily activities include monitoring and responding to alerts, while simultaneously participating in multiple distributed teams where the role of the operator is to ensure progress towards a problem's resolution.

Fine-Grain MPI

The demand for computing power has been rapidly growing over the last decade. The ability to efficiently utilize computing resources and improve the productivity of applications is necessary for the competitiveness of any industry and it will become more critical as the demand for computational resources increases. The computer hardware sector has seen rapid advances with the introduction of multicore and many-core processors and has introduced many challenges for the software development community to efficiently utilize the new architectures.

Openness in design, development and digital literacy programs at Mozilla Year Two

Mozilla is a software development organization known internationally for the open source innovation of technologies such as the Firefox web browser. This Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship project aims to extend the Mozilla mandate for openness into the realm of digital literacy programs for youth. Mozilla has begun to develop collaborations known as Hive Networks involving libraries, museums and other organizations that involve youth outside of the formal education system.

Advanced Adaptivity and Personalization in Learning Systems through Collaborative Recommendations

Learning Systems are among the most popular e-learning tools in today’s education and training. Most e-Learning systems do not take into account individual aspects of learners (e.g., their goal, experiences, existing knowledge, learning style etc.).The primary goal of the  proposed research is to offer rich adaptivity by combining information from a learner’s profile (e.g. levels, goals, learning style, cognitive abilities etc) with the information from other learners sharing common interests.

Applying low latency touch sensor technology to mobile devices

Today, mobile devices fail to achieve their full potential of direct input, despite of advancements on touch sensing technology. One of the factors is the inclusion of input latency that results in objects lagging behind the user's finger, instead of kept under the finger, breaking the belief of direct manipulation of virtual objects. Tactual Labs core product is a touch sensor that has very little input latency, supporting sensor response time down to 10ms, well below the current standard of 75-120ms.

Collocation-focused Writing Assistance for Adult Non-Native Writers

The goal of this project is to conduct research into the development of writing assistance software for advanced adult non-native writers of English. I intend to approach the project in as language-general a way as possible so that the method can be easily extended to French. At the end of the project we expect to have prototype software that can do the following:

1. Build a lexicon of good (native English) collocations from a large internet corpus

2. Distinguish native and non-native texts based on the presence or absence of these collocations

Smarter Collaborative Software to Support Energy Operations Centers

For so many years, industries that are heavily reliant on geospatial data have been working with paper maps unfolded on tables. Some of these companies are still using paper maps to analyze huge amounts of data despite the current availability of geographic information system (GSI) for storing and managing geospatial data. Data management tasks using these traditional methods are asynchronous and very tedious. Delays in updating these maps can pose a safety risk for field workers who may be guided based on outdated information.

Opennes in design, developent and digital literacy programs in Mozilla

Mozilla is a software development organization known internationlly for the open source Firefox web browser. This Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship aims to extend the Mozilla mandate for openness into the realm of digital literacy programs for youth. Mozilla has begun to develop collaborations known as Hive Networks involving libraries, museums, and other organizations. The Hive Network members strive to scaffold digital literacy into their programming and allow the youth to determine their own learning directions.

Computer Algebra and High-Performance Computing Support for Model Predictive Control

In many industrial and engineering applications, process control plays a central role. Among the possible control strategies, model predictive control (MPC), also called receding horizon control (RHC) , stands out for its excellent ability to handle constraints. While MPC has been successfully applied to many industrial applications, further developments are limited when it becomes necessary to solve many large on-line optimization problems. To overcome this situation, parametric optimization is often used such that most of the computation burden is pushed to an off-line phase.

Automatic Tagging for Document Retrieval in Corporate Environments

Knowledge-intensive industries accumulate content at a rate and volume that is impossible for humans to manually organize and retrieve. A typical search engine based on keywords is not effective, because the user must provide the exact words contained in the text of the document or description of an entity and cannot filter search results based on the implicit context of the search. The search capabilities of the search engine can be extended by content metadata in the form of tags. However, manually adding metadata to each content element has prohibitive cost.