Parallel intelligent multiple-run facility for optimal design of power systems

The research aims to develop a new computer algorithm for automating simulations of complex power systems when simulations are used for design. The new algorithm will be able to find multiple optimal solutions, which will give the designer the ability to scrutinize and select the most suited option. Additionally the algorithm will be parallel in nature, which means it can be executed simultaneously and in unison on several computing machines.

Autonomous, Adaptive, and Real-time Cognitive Intrusion Detection System for the Cloud

Currently, cloud and Internet service providers typically use antivirus, firewall, packet inspection and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to protect against cyber-security threats on the cloud and internet. These protection systems rely on the knowledge of a fixed and known database of threats to detect malicious activity, but they have no ability to detect new, mutated, threats dynamically. Once an undetected cyber-attack has caused damage and has subsequently been identified by technicians or third party sources, only then can these systems be updated by going offline.

Influence des tests d’intrusion sur l’analyse de risque en technologie de l’information

La montée exponentielle des différentes technologies servant au traitement de l’information digitale a marqué les dix dernières années par des vagues d’événements de sécurité aussi importante les unes que les autres. Les systèmes appartenant aux entreprises, gouvernements, organisations sont exposés à de nombreuses menaces et les mesures misent en place ne sont souvent pas suffisantes pour réduire de manière considérable le risque d’attaque. Ces bris d’information conduisent la plupart du temps à de graves pertes monétaires pour les entreprises.

Deformable shape-based registration for MR-compatible robotically assisted prostate interventions

Prostate cancer is the second most cancer related death in men, accounting for over 111 M$ yearly in Canada. Current prostate biopsy or therapy procedures such as transperineal brachytherapy use transrectal ultrasound guidance and a template to guide needles along parallel trajectories. However, pubic arch interference (PAI) with the implant path obstructs part of the prostate from being targeted by the brachytherapy or laser ablation needles.

"Software Acceleration of Video Noise Filtering and its Integration into Real-Time Video Applications

The project is about removing noise from video signals (for example, those taken by a mobile phones or professional cinema camera). Our current software first detects the type and power of the noise and based on that remove the noise from video. This proposal has three objectives. The first is to handle a specific type of noise called structured noise, not handled yet in our denoising software developed in previous MITACS projects.

Ruggedized OLED Displays

While OLED displays are now a relatively-mature technology, they have been almost exclusively targeting consumer electronics. As such, the ultimate goal of this ambitious collaboration will be to: Evaluate the technology and supply chain readiness of actual OLED and other emerging display technologies. Assess their potential for cockpit (critical) and cabin (passenger-level) aeronautics and train applications.

An Advanced Translucent Housing with Electronic Feedback System for Pump Technology

Toyo Pumps is planning to develop a new generation of pumps with a viewing window in order to evaluate the maintenance timing. However, there are several challenges posed by application of allocating the viewing window that the company product developers must overcome. The University of British Columbia (UBC) has the expertise, equipment, 2D and 3D braiding facilities on composite structures and electronics. By combining the strength of Toyo Pumps and UBC, it is believed that this research project will reduce the design cycle time and improve the level of innovation.

Développement de protocoles et infrastructures d’essais pour l’évaluation de systèmes embarqués dans les véhicules intelligents/autonomes sous de multiples conditions

Le développement rapide des technologies de l’information et des capteurs au cours des dernières années a eu un essor de plus en plus important dans le secteur automobile afin de rendre la conduite plus sécuritaire. Les systèmes de sécurité active en milieu automobile visent à éviter les collisions plutôt que de mitiger leur impact sur les passagers. Or la sécurité routière est directement fonction de la performance des systèmes intelligents embarqués et des capteurs en termes de fiabilité et de robustesse. Ils sont de plus en plus omniprésents, nombreux et complexes.

An investigation on software quality measurement

The TEC Company has a complete list of vendors and software products. On the other side, the software buyers have their own functional and technical requirements. The TEC’s product list empowers the software buyers to employ the TEC’s software selection methodology in order to find the product which is properly matched with their requirements. The TEC’s methodology considers several functional attributes for each software product. However considering the Quality properties from software engineering point of view will make the outcome of TEC’s methodology more reliable.

Remote Wireless Charging and Energy Harvesting

The main objective of this project is to offer efficient and commercially viable solutions for wireless power transfer to portable devices such as Recon’s wearable units. The first phase of the research is dedicated to determine pros and cons of various such techniques and the maximum power and distance for wireless power delivery to such systems. The transferred power can be used as a top-up power to extend the battery life of the products.