Surveillance permanente de l’état des machines opérant àvitesse et charge variables

Le changement de comportement dynamique des machines tournantes (ponts roulants, éoliennes, robots) en fonction de la vitesse et de la charge se confond facilement avec un changement d’état de l’équipement, ce qui déclenche souvent de fausses alarmes sur des machines saines. De plus, la plupart de ces machines opèrent à très basses vitesses, ce qui cause des problèmes sur la sélection de capteurs efficaces et sur les normes inexistantes dans ce genre d’application.

Improving the efficiency of the supersonic binary fluid ejector using computational fluid dynamic modeling

The only commercially available technology that directly uses thermal energy to produce cooling is absorption chillers, which are not economical for small-medium scale buildings (<100,000 sq.ft.) and suffer from serious performance
limitations. May-Ruben Thermal Solutions (MRTS) is developing a novel Binary Fluid Ejector (BFE) that will provide a high-performance, economic, scalable, thermally-driven heat pump and refrigeration cycle. Early applications include

Composite and foam profiles for building and construction industry: modification of the products and existing extrusion processes

Vision Extrusions Group Ltd. is a recognized leader in the building products industry. They produce a wide range of products (as shown in Figure 1) including windows, doors, decks, fences, etc. utilizing extruded polymeric profiles as a substitute for wood. In the proposed project, the following objectives have been set by the partner organization to improve the quality and reduce the cost of their products:

Development of novel TiC based grain refiner for aluminum 319 alloy

The goal of this project is to develop a novel titanium carbide grain refiner for improving the strength of the lightweight aluminum 319 alloy. Enhanced use of lightweight alloys in automobiles, currently limited because of their strength, can enable auto industry to manufacture lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles. Titanium carbide, due to its ability to modify the structure of the casting during solidification, can significantly improve the strength of the 319 alloy. However the main challenge is to control the Ti:C ratio in the melt for effective modification.

Study of the Large Passive Deformation of a Slender Flexible Wing Using Continuation Techniques

The performance and stability of flexible mechanical structures in fluid flow can be improved by imposing bending-torsion coupling. In these structures, a bending deformation induces a torsional deformation which can be beneficial for the performance and stability. For instance, flexible wings can be tailored in such a way to have large deformations and twist passively to decrease the angle of attack and the structural loading.


The proposed MITACS internship project is an extension of an existing research collaboration in advanced aerodynamic flow control concepts with electro-fluidic actuators between École Polytechnique de Montréal (Polytechnique) and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K). The former party is responsible for wind tunnel experiments and the latter party for advanced flow simulations with a world-leading DNS CFD code.

Shear-stress measurements on an impulsively started cylinder

Envenio is a Canadian company that specializes in advanced analysis of fluid dynamics and fluid structure interaction in the technological and environment settings. Envenio is also a software development company that owns an advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics solver, EXN/Aero, that uses many core technology in the parallel computation of unsteady and fully turbulent flows. Envenio seeks experimental data to validate their unsteady separation codes. To this end, an intern in Dr.

Reducing daytime leg fluid accumulation using electrical stimulation of the legs to decrease overnight rostral fluid shift and consequent sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common disorder affecting 6% of the adult population and increases risk of cardiovascular mortality. OSA occurs due to repeated full or partial collapse of the upper airway during sleep. One contributor to airway collapse during sleep is the overnight shift of fluid from the legs towards the neck where it accumulates. Increased daytime fluid accumulation in the legs magnifies this, resulting in more fluid accumulation in the neck and increased OSA severity.

Automated optimization of robotic tasks and transitions using graph-based approaches

In recent years, machining with robots has become a trend in the manufacturing industry. The concept offers an economical solution for medium to low accuracy machining applications. However, due to the complexity of the robot kinematics, planning for these paths is challenging. Jabez Technologies has developed a semi-graphical approach that can program large robot-paths. This approach has been very well received by the industry and has proven to be extremely robust in practice. However, this approach is semi-automatic and cannot work without user input.

Efficient design of quiet turbomachinery stages with a unique coupling method

Most current propulsion and ventilation systems still suffer from poor efficiency, noise issues and too high emission levels. Little efficiency gain could yield significant reduction of energy waste, noise pollution, gas consumption and pollutant emission. Moreover a lot of the large rotating facilities do not meet their target performances and suffer from early degradation and fatigue issues causing some significant cost increase and losses to the companies producing them.