Cardiovascular function, inflammation, and exercise: potential role of anti inflammatory supplementation to optimize health and performance

Additional research is required to fully understand the effects of a powerful antioxidant Curcumin on the short and long term impact of exercise. Previous studies have demonstrated other antioxidants can potentially slow recovery and reduce benefits of exercise. However, there is lacking information regarding the effects of Curcumin on cardiovascular health and exercise performance.

The effect of using roller massager on cortical and spinal excitability

Myofascial pain syndrome can lead to chronic pain. With fatigue or trauma, muscle spindle reflexes activate spinal motoneurones causing them to fire constantly leading to spasm. These reflex signals can also be transmitted to the brain as well. It could be hypothesized that if massage therapy (roller massager included) could regulate cortical and spinal motoneurone excitability, it may also decrease unnecessary reflex activity. Previous investigations from our lab demonstrated that applying massage over the musculotendinous junction could diminish the motoneurone excitability.

Optimization of the Orpyx SurroSense Insole to provide valid and reliable measurements of plantar pressure and foot kinematics in distance running

There is a major technology gap for simple unobtrusive pressure insoles that can be used while running to provide feedback to athletes looking to improve performances and prevent injuries. Orpyx Medical Technologies have created a pressure sensitive insole capable of providing real-time foot pressure feedback to patients with peripheral neuropathy. With minor modifications, the Orpyx SurroSense Rx TM insoles could be used to address the measurement needs of runners. This project will provide hardware modification recommendations to Orpyx to optimize their insoles for running.