Enhancing TIL-mediated anti-tumour immunity by reducing the immunosupressive effects of TGF-beta and limiting effector T-cell exhaustion using intrabodies against negative intracellular down-modulators

Adoptive cell therapy using transferred tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) is limited by the physical barrier created by a restrictive tumour microenvironment (TME) and by T-cell inactivation within the TME. Thus, minimizing the immunosuppressive effects of the TME and overcoming T-cell inactivation is crucial. AVID200 is a potent TGF-beta inhibitor designed by Forbius that selectively neutralizes TGF-beta1 & -beta3 with picomolar potency that reverses immunosupression, fibrosis & renders tumors sensitive to checkpoint blockade.

Non-invasive automated assessment of tonic attention (vigilance) of commercial airline pilots during simulated flights

With the goal of increasing the safety of civilian air flight, the detection of a decrease in pilot attention is becoming an important need in civilian aeronautics. Multiple models used for the detection of hypovigilant states have been developed over the years in experimental conditions, but barriers still exist limiting current use. First, some of these models require the execution of behavioral tasks that can disrupt pilot workflow. .Second, other models relying on the use of physiological monitoring devices are still too cumbersome.

Designing Machine Learning algorithms for clinical level high-precision predictions of off-target mutations in CRISPR-Cas9

This project will provide software tools to predict where a gene modifying system will make changes in the DNA of a living cell or animal. This is particularly important to investigate since this new system called CRISPR-Cas may one day be use for human gene therapy. We will test our system in animal models and develop a predictive platform to determine if the therapy will be safe for human by predicting with CRISPR-cas system should be use for specific diseases. Our work will hopefully pave the way for gene therapy applied in an ethical fashion in human.

Medical cannabis and cancer: A qualitative exploration.

In recent years Medical Cannabis (MC) has become a much discussed and ever-evolving topic in Canada. A growing number of studies have highlighted the medical and multidimensional benefits of cannabis. The question of the spiritual benefits of MC forms part of this holistic approach. Qualitative research on medical cannabis is limited, and most of it has explored the experiences of people who took cannabis illegally.

Drug Repurposing for Neuromuscular Diseases

SMA is a neurodegenerative disease characterised by the loss of lower motor neurons and is an incurable disease. SMA is the leading genetic cause of early childhood lethality, with an incidence of 1 in 6,000 to 10,000 live births and a carrier frequency of 1 in 35-40. Current therapeutic strategies under development are almost exclusively based on increasing functional SMN protein.

Développement d’un essai multiplex pour l’étude de la signalisation intracellulaire de l’insuline sur la plateforme SnapChipMC.

Parallex BioAssays est une jeune biotech issue de travaux de recherche universitaire en génie biomédical. Au cours des dernières années, ils ont développé la SnapChipMC... un nouvel outil de laboratoire qui permettra d'accélérer la recherche biomédicale en mesurant plusieurs protéines à la fois, sans aucun compromis sur la qualité des résultats. Au cours de ce projet, le stagiaire postdoctoral participera très étroitement à la mise au point de nouveaux tests, de manière à rendre la SnapChipMC utile à tous les domaines de recherche.

Élaboration de valeurs seuils de gravité de l’asthme chez l’enfant par la technique d’oscillométrie

Ce projet vise à établir les valeurs de seuil de gravité de l’asthme chez l’enfant et se base sur une première étude clinique déjà en cours visant à établir les valeurs de référence pédiatriques des mesures d’oscillométrie. Ces valeurs de référence constituent la base nécessaire afin de déterminer les valeurs de seuil de résistance pulmonaire pour classifier la sévérité de l’obstruction des bronches comme étant légère, modérée, ou sévère.

Establishment of bovine embryonic cells derived from blastocyst for producing high quality cloned embryo

Nuclear transfer is a technique to clone animals of the same trait and it is industrially very valuable to clone animals of excellent traits. However, there is no standardized technology to secure, store and supply enough quantities of superior genetics to clone elite farm animals so it has limitation to use in industry field. Although various studies have been conducted and reported in humans and murines, many studies have not yet been conducted on farm animals.

The Cellular Role of Double-Stranded Break Repair Protein, Endo-exonuclease (Trmt2a,b), in Cancer Therapy and in Inflammatory Response

This project aims at understanding the role at a cellular level, of a protein called Trmt2a,b in the repair of DNA in the context of cancer and inflammation. We will study a particular set of blood samples obtained from a cohort of patients affected by acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a form of blood cancer, where some of these patients will also develop a complication in the form of bone death, called osteonecrosis (inflammation).

Study of the Mechanism of Action of Fluorescence Biomodulation in Tissue Regeneration and Acceleration of Wound Healing

Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) is a novel technology that employs fluorescence light energy (FLE) to positively impact the three phases of healing. In the clinical setting, FB has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in the management of both acute and chronic wounds, resulting in accelerated wound closure while reducing inflammation, bacterial growth, and pain. The objective of this research project is to determine how FLE impacts biological pathways in the healing process to realize these observed clinical effects.