Technologies for Living Independently: A Technology Case Study on Remote Patient Monitoring

The population age distribution is undergoing an “inversion” and the dependency ratio, i.e., the proportion of older adults who are not working over the number of adults who are working, is increasing. This has an effect on a society’s ability to deliver community-care services and the underlying national economic capacity to pay for their needs. Advances in ICT (information and communications technologies) promise to provide support for affordable systems of care that enable human resources to be used more effectively.

Development of Fast Longitudinal Cortical surface extraction, deformation, and Normalization (FALCON) for the measurement of cortical thickness over time from brain magnetic resonance images

The project involves development, validation, and application of new medical image analysis algorithm where cortical thickness is measured from serial brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with improved efficiency and greater sensitivity. Cortical thickness is a relatively new metric that correlates with clinical and cognitive worsening in a variety of neurologic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Development of Radio-Imaging Agents Targeting Necroptosis

The joint-effort project by Nordion Inc and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute aims to develop a series of radiolabeled necrostatin derivatives, which act as imaging agents based on necroptosis (programmed necrosis - a type of cell death) inhibitors to help diagnose disease (such as cardiovascular, neurological diseases and cancer) and monitor their treatment effects. The roles of the fellow are to design, synthesize and characterize these agents and to assist in testing their biological properties through further in vitro and in vivo evaluation.

Isolation, characterization and culture maintenance of stem cells from human hair follicle mesenchyme

Stem cells and other pluripotent cells are under active investigation for the development of new therapeutic treatments to regenerate and repair diseased and damaged tissues. Published studies indicate that some mesenchymal cells derived from adult human hair follicles exhibit stem cell properties and can form different cells types if they are given specific biological signals without the need to genetically modify the cells.

An IGF-Trap for cancer therapy

The Brodt laboratory engineered and developed a novel IGF-targeting molecule (the IGF-Trap) with otent anti-cancer effects. The objective of this project is to optimize the use of this potential drug in re-clinical cancer models and develop sensitive biomarkers for assessing and predicting its effect. In addition, the effect of this inhibitor on pancreatic cancer growth and metastasis and its utility in nononcology ndication will be evaluated.

Importance clinique de pathogènes entériques dans la diarrhée péri-sevrage des porcelets et impact sur la contamination des carcasses par des pathogènes alimentaires

Parmi les différentes étapes de production, le sevrage des porcelets est un moment crucial ayant un impact important sur la productivité et la rentabilité des entreprises. Cette période représente en effet un risque élevée pour la transmission de maladies infectieuses à cause du stress qu’elle engendre et à cause de l'immaturité du système immunitaire au cours des premières semaines de vie. Les cas de diarrhées peuvent rapidement prendre des proportions épidémiques et avoir des conséquences dramatiques à l’échelle du troupeau.

Determining the half-life of prophylaxis treatment using population pharmacokinetics

Hemophilia is a rare blood coagulation disorder caused by a deficiency or deformity in one of 12 primary clotting factors. Hemophiliacs experience insufficient healing and prolonged bleeding either from trauma or unprompted bleeding. We are able to maintain a level of the deficient factors in a patient through direct and immediate infusion of a drug into the blood. To determine the frequency of injections and the appropriate dosage, we need to consider how long a drug will stay in a child’s body.

High resolution PET imaging systems for small animal imaging

There is an increasing demand for high resolution multimodality imaging of research animals, such as mice and rats, to allow non-invasive monitoring of disease models and therapeutic interventions. This project focuses on the development of a new positron emission tomography (PET) imaging system that can be operated inside a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Once complete, this system will allow simultaneous high resolution PET/MRI imaging of research animals.

Development of qPCR tests for the assessment of water quality

Despite many recent advances in biotechnology, the methods for monitoring water quality remain largely unchanged for the past century. We will use next-generation DNA sequencing technology to guide the design of novel DNA-based tests to improve sensitivity and specificity of water quality testing.

Gut-localized expression of IL-10 for the treatment and/or prevention of peanut allergy

We will evaluate treatments for peanut allergy, the most severe and persistent form of food allergy. The proposed interventions are based on targeted delivery of interleukin-10 (IL-10) to the intestine. IL-10 is a protein that is known to be a potent regulator of the immune system. enGene has developed EG-10, a novel, state-of-the-art technology that can effectively induce a robust and transient production of interleukin-10 in the intestine, i.e., the site where food absorption occurs and food allergy is initiated.