Refining of Kisolite Clay for Cosmetic and Phamaceutical Applications

There are four main objectives for the proposed project: 


(1) To investigate three techniques of aiding the wet screening process including: (a) inclined screening combined with water jets, (b) sonication, and (c) a combination of those two techniques, to find optimum operating conditions for each technique and allow them to be evaluated and compared.

(2) To implement the most suitable technique on the industrial scale and establish its optimum operating conditions.

Proof of concept of formable resin for use in Custom Fit Earphones

The objective of this project is to develop a proof-of-concept of a formable resin in the shape of a customizable inset for an earphone. The material should be relatively inexpensive, take shape rapidly (within a few seconds optimally) and ultimately provide consumers with a customized earphone that will fit the vast majority of the population. Using a simple model silicone mold and using various forming techniques not only will material properties be tailored for the resin, but the forming time will be optimized by the careful selection of components within the device.

Novel product and process development for berry powder productinusing enzyme technology

The research aims to develop new technology for production of nutritional berry powders with lower production cost and higher quality. The project will test the properties of the raw material and formulate new method for processing the sample for simpler and cost effective production process. With the outcome of this project, the partner organization will be able to sell high quality product and gain a higher profit margin. The intern will get an oppourtunity to implement the principles of fundamental science in an industrial framework.

Autonomous, Adaptive, and Real-time Cognitive Intrusion Detection System for the Cloud

Currently, cloud and Internet service providers typically use antivirus, firewall, packet inspection and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to protect against cyber-security threats on the cloud and internet. These protection systems rely on the knowledge of a fixed and known database of threats to detect malicious activity, but they have no ability to detect new, mutated, threats dynamically. Once an undetected cyber-attack has caused damage and has subsequently been identified by technicians or third party sources, only then can these systems be updated by going offline.

Culture d’un consortium d’algues-bactéries dans des eaux industrielles pour l’obtention d’acides myristique et/ou laurique

Dans la conjoncture énergétique, économique et environnementale actuelle, notre société recherche des solutions profitables pour réduire ses incidences sur l’environnement et sa dépendance aux énergies fossiles. Parmi les technologies disponibles ou en développement, la culture intensive de microalgues à des fins énergétiques a été envisagée dès les années 70.

Effect of solar photovoltaics (PV) on green roof vegetation and performance

Green roofs contribute to numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits and as components of green infrastructure planning are becoming increasingly commonplace. Less is known though about how green roofs perform when integrated with other sustainable designs, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels that share the roof space, which could experience higher energy efficiency through increased cooling by the green roof vegetation. Vegetation cools green roofs through a process called evapotranspiration, a component of photosynthesis, which increases with exposure to sunlight.

Risk Assessment for the Growth of Clostridium botulinum in High Hydrostatic Pressure Treated Seafood Salad

There is a consumer trend for “Natural” products that have received minimal processing but more importantly are free from artificial preservatives. This represents a challenge to food producers as consumers expect safety as a given and also an extended shelf life. The food industry has been inventive in developing new processes and identifying natural preservatives to meet the consumer demand but also that of retailers who require an extended shelf-life compatible with their distribution chain.

Méthodes participatives et collaboratives pour une écoresponsabilité à la réalisation d’aménagements durables

L’objectif de cette recherche est de mettre en application des méthodes participatives et collaboratives qui sont les fondements même de plan d’action en développement durable pour établir de meilleures pratiques à l’élaboration des futurs projets d’aménagements durables au sein du département Développement Immobilier et Construction de la firme Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée.

Détection automatique de semences de résineux pour l’évaluation en temps-réel de l’efficacité d’un semoir

Dans le but d’améliorer le taux d’ensemencement d’un semoir pneumatique de graines de résineux, un système automatisé de vision par ordinateur permettant la détection automatique des graines de semences de résineux permettant ainsi l’évaluation en temps-réel de l’efficacité d’ensemencement du semoir sera développé.

Identification des déterminants de l’évolution d’une culture en SST au sein d’une organisation

Soucieuse d’améliorer ses résultats en SST, Sobeys Québec envisage d’instaurer une véritable culture de sécurité dans son organisation, afin d’atteindre des résultats à la fois probants et durables. À cet effet, les divisions Entrepôts et Logistique de Sobeys ont organisé, le 19 octobre 2013, une journée de réflexion pour les membres de la direction du groupe et des sites. Lors de cette journée, de nombreuses idées et suggestions ont été émises, et le tout a été pris en note. Par contre, le plan de match global et les pistes de mise en oeuvre ne sont pas clairs pour autant.