Management Strategy in the Digital Age: Exploring the Implications of Digital Media onSport Marketing

This project will explore the strategic and managerial implications of the growth of digital media in the Canadian sport industry, exploring the evolution of consumer behaviour, interaction, and engagement with digital media in order to provide a new managerial framework for marketing strategy. Organisations operating in and around sport have access to nearly unlimited data regarding the activities, interests, and behaviours of spectators, consumers, and participants.

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Effect of Texture and Microstructure onMagnetic Properties of Electrical Steels for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

The purpose of the proposed research is to develop high efficiency electrical steels to be used in electric motors of hybrid vehicles. The work involves experimental and theoretical studies of the factors that determine magnetic properties of electrical steels and the effect of processing on these properties. The goal is to reduce the core losses and improve soft magnetic properties of the steels, through microstructure and texture control during thermomechanical processing involving the combination of cold rolling and annealing cycles.

Strength and durability testing for the doors and drawers of furniture and home appliances

This proposed research aims to test durability of doors of furniture and home appliances as well as drawers of the earlier by using robot manipulator to evaluate the quality and life-cycle of these products. Durability testing allows manufacturers to ensure product quality according to industry standards which gives them competitive edge through value-added brands. It also boosts their confidence on the aptness of their product, which in turn minimizes the chances of returned-products.

Long-dated foreign exchange interest rate hybrid financial derivatives: modeling,calibration, pricing, and risk-management

The proposed project addresses three major challenges in modeling long-dated (maturities of 30 years or more) foreign exchange (FX) interest rate (IR) hybrid derivatives, namely

(i) the strong sensitivity of the products to the skew of the FX volatility smiles,

(ii) their very long maturities, and

(iii) popular embedded exotic features, which provide possibilities of early termination of the products.

Ancestral aches? An assessment of the relationship between bipedal locomotion, primate vertebral shape and human spinal health

The project will investigate the relationship between evolutionary adaptations to upright posture and the occurrence of common back problems in humans. It will use three-dimensional shape analysis techniques to investigate the vertebral shape of both humans and apes, as well as their fossil ancestors. It will also use motion capture technology to explore the relationship between human locomotion, vertebral morphology, and spinal health.

Flexible and fully integrated power patch for self-powering sensors

Nowadays the most rewarding aspect of engineering is to create solutions to the needs of society in a natural and resource efficient manner, therefore we must come up with more innovative and resource efficient solutions. One such solution can be a novel, flexible and scalable power-patch, which integrates an inductive coupling, a power conversion and conditioning unit and a super capacitor based energy storage system using a state-of-the-art polymer integration and packaging technology.

Investigating Nano-Media in Communications, the Arts and Creative Communities

Investigating Nano-Media develops and disseminates groundbreaking technological innovations in the field of nanooptics and explores the possibilities of a new nano-material--nano-media--for communication, media and art practices. We deploy a pioneering multi-functional nano-fabric that comprises nano-substrates with embedded functionalities and new advanced fabrication processes. This unique nano-fabric is then further augmented by the processes of ‘nanography’ and ‘nano-photography’.

A Bayesian Probability Network Approach To Predictive Modeling in Support of EffectiveManagement of Underwater Noise in Marine Mammal Habitat

Marine mammals have evolved to send and receive underwater sound as their primary means for communicating, finding food, and sensing their environment. Introducing human-generated and other unnatural sources of noise into their environment can cause potentially serious consequences, particularly for those species at conservation risk. Past work on predicting the behavioural response to excessive noise has ignored the variability in the sound field and in marine mammal behaviour.

Impact of chronic exposure to vascular stressors on mitochondrial health and vascular smooth muscle cell plasticity

Blood vessels are made up of specialized cells including the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels and smooth muscle cells (SMCs) that constrict vessels and regulate blood flow. SMCs are constantly exposed to diverse growth factors, hormones and inflammatory signals that affect their phenotype and function. Mitochondria are essential to the normal functioning of SMCs, and aging and inflammation can effect mitochondrial number, structure and function.

Digital Pre-Distortion for Concurrent Multiband and Multiple Antenna Transmission

The proposed project aims at the design and implementation of low complexity digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithms for multiband and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless transmitters. The power amplifier (PA) is one of the major sources of power dissipation in wireless base stations. The DPD techniques enable the PA to operate in a more efficient power level resulting in more energy efficient wireless networks.