Modélisation de la coulée de l'érable à sucre à l'échelle de l'arbre

L'érable à sucre est exploité depuis plusieurs siècles en raison de la concentration particulièrement élevée en sucre de sa sève. Malgré son importance économique, notamment au Canada, les paramètres qui régulent le mécanisme de la coulée à l'échelle de l'arbre sont encore mal connus. Des études précédentes ont mise en évidence l'influence des nombreux paramètres climatiques, édaphiques et intrinsèques à l'arbre influence le volume et la teneur en sucre de la coulée. Cependant, de nombreuses lacunes persistent, ce qui ne permet pas de comprendre les interactions entre les différents facteurs.

Route planning and optimization of metal waste collection and transport

The growing amounts of metal waste being transported and recycled is a challenging problem. This research project aims to build efficient daily vehicle routes of the reverse logistics problem and collecting metal waste form different points in order to minimize total costs under multiple operational constraints. The reverse logistics vehicle routing problem which combines a pick-up problem with additional constraints such as loading pick-up sequences, time-windows, multi-trips, heterogeneous internal fleet, and the classical vehicle routing problem (VRP).

Hardware/Software Codesign Methodology for High Performance On-Board Processing applied on the Artificial Intelligence of Space

The result of this project (which will be demonstrated by a use case) can make health equipments to be used outside of hospitals. This is achieved by reducing the computation cost of running Deep Learning models by 3rd party tools and use our accelerator solution to run the size reduced and optimized model. This greatly helps to lower the barrier for using costly equipments and make them more affordable and reachable to people in need of these equipments.

Measuring firm sustainability using textual data

Finance has experienced a significant increase in studies tackling issues related to Sustainability in recent years. The majority of them rely on third-party ESG ratings which are diverse, not transparent, and lack standardization. Our project aims to use text-mining techniques to identify ESG dimensions in sustainability-related documents and offer an automatic measurement across the ESG dimensions. One objective of the generate text-based ESG scores will be then to establish correlations and trends between financial performances and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Analyzing the impacts if implementing an RFID uniform distribution system for managing medical personnel scrubs in operating rooms

The project is about developing a decision support tool to provide a personalized handling and treatment for Autistic Syndrome Disorder patients. This decision support tool will integrate machine learning modeling that will be used to suggest optimal and personalized guidelines for a very large spectrum of ASD patients, not available so far. Theses guidelines will be used by concerned parents, teachers and therapist that are in charge of these patients. The partner is a company that offer accompanying and training services to ASD patients’ parents and therapists.

Élaboration d’un programme de formation en agriculture avec lacommunauté crie de Chisasibi

Le stage de recherche sera fait avec le Nihtaauchin – Chisasibi center for sustainability (NCCS), un
OSBL voué au renforcement de l'autonomie dans la communauté cri de Chisasibi via différents projets
durables qui combine l’innovation et l'expertise Eeyou (crie) d'une manière qui respecte et profite à la
nation crie de Chisasibi.

Procédure d'audit et d'entretien des systèmes detraitement d'air dans les espaces confinés exposés à la COVID-19

La recherche consiste à développer et valider un protocole d’utilisation des tests de contamination d’air et de surface par d’ATP-metrie, afin d’évaluer le niveau de contamination des systèmes de climatisation d’espaces confinés exposés à la Covid-19. La première étape consiste à mesurer la qualité de l’air par la méthode ATPmetrie afin d’être en mesure d’établir un diagnostic. La seconde étape consiste à évaluer les performances du système de traitement d’air d’abord au niveau sanitaire, relativement au service rendu.

Utilisation du traitement automatique du langage dans un contexte législatif et réglementaire

Ce projet vise à utiliser des techniques de traitement automatique des langues naturelles et d’exploitation de données textuelles afin d’aider à prédire le contexte législatif dans lequel les entreprises oeuvrent. Nous espérons ainsi réduire le risque relié à l’incertitude entourant la législation en la prédisant le mieux possible.

Design and development of pharmacological chaperones to restore function to MC4R mutants responsible for severe early-onset obesity.

"Melanocortin 4 receptor (MC4R) is a is a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) and key regulator of energy homeostasis. MC4R mutations represent the largest monogenic cause of obesity, resulting mainly from receptor misfolding and intracellular retention by the cellular quality control system. The efficacy of several lead compounds on restoring the cell surface expression and function of mutated MC4R has already been tested in our laboratory. One compounds restored the anorexic response to MC4R agonist in a KI mice model.

Novel process of organic peroxides synthesis

In this work, we will develop new processes, including new raw materials, to produce known organic peroxides; such processes will include direct coupling to manufacture organic peroxides. We will demonstrate the synthesis processes by selecting the appropriate carboxylic acid(s), hydroperoxide starting material(s), catalysts, and operating conditions to produce the desired organic peroxides, particularly, t-butyl peroxybenzoate and also extending to other peresters, such as, t-butyl peroxypivalate and t-butyl perox-2-ethylhexanoate.