Digital Tools and Techniques to Enable Mass Customization of Prefabricated Housing Year Two

The intended research aims at bringing the design and production process of the industry partner, BONE STRUCTURE into a new level of customization, that involves effective homebuyers participation in the design of their homes, using cutting-edge computatioanl design techniques. The customization process is initiated with a layout design; roomblocks modifications, till selection of appliances and systems, via web- based, interactive interface that would engage homebuyers in a designer-customer like dialogue.

Community benefit: Microbial consortia that stimulate plant growth

There is a growing awareness of the role of microbes in the functioning of higher organisms. The human microbiome has now been shown to play key roles in health and physiology. Similarly, plants have had microbes, mycorrhizal fungi for example, associated with their roots since they colonized the land. It is becoming clear that there is a community of rhizobacteria that is regularly associated with plant roots and plays an important role in how plants deal with a range of environmental challenges. Inocucor Technologies has developed a consortium of microbes that improve plant performance.

Advanced Composite Materials to Rehabilitate Concrete Structures

This postdoctoral study is an experimental investigation on the bond behaviour of externally-bonded (EB) fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) L-shaped FRP plates to the concrete substrate. This study will be the foundation of an upcoming comprehensive study on rehabilitation of reinforced-concrete (RC) beams with L-shaped FRP plates and end-anchored FRP fabrics. Recently, EB FRP composites are increasingly used to strengthen existing RC structures. However, de-bonding of FRP fabrics or plates is still a major issue.

Developing a Reliability-Based Life-Cycle Cost Model for Electric Motors

The proposed internship aims to study how the characteristics and reliability of Permanent Magnet Electric Motors (PMs) affect their life-cycle cost (LCC), including initial, maintenance, and energy costs. First, the effect of the variation of design variables on the performance and initial cost of PMs will be assessed and the cost will be correlated to performance. Second, the effect of materials and processes on the reliability and the LCC of PMs will be studied and LCC will be correlated to reliability. The results will be presented to TM4 in form of a detailed database.

Evaluation of Cryogenic Machining and High Pressure Cooling in Turning of Hard-To-Cut Materials

The main objective of this project is to investigate the performance of LiN-cryogenic technologY, as well as, high pressure cooling (HPC) in turning of hard-to-cut aerospace materials. The performance of cryogenic machining and HPC will be compared to flood coolant to establish the optimum conditions for each cooling technique, in terms of material removal rate, tool life, and surface integrity (surface finish, microstructure and residual stresses).

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Ozone (O3) from Gas Emissions

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) generally refer to hydrocarbon solvents. VOCs emissions are air pollutants that give rise to deleterious health and environmental effects. VOCs are about 11 times more effective green house gases than carbon dioxide (CO2) (Reijo, 2010). VOCs react with oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to form Ozone (O3) which contributes to Green House Effect (GHE). Therefore, government has enforced regulations to limit the VOCs emissions. The target is to convert all VOCs (99%) to water and CO2 and Ozone (99%) to molecular dioxygen.

Impacts of hydroelectricity production on aquatic ecosystems: Development of key environmental indicators for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach

In boreal and temperate regions, dams are mainly constructed to provide ecosystem services such as hydroelectricity production. River impoundment and the alteration of natural hydrological regimes are suggested to be major disturbances to aquatic ecosystems. To meet long-term environmental objectives for sustainable development, Hydro-Quebec recently adopted the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach. LCA is an ISO standardized approach assessing the potential environmental impacts of product, services and processes throughout its entire life cycle.

Facilitation of early mobilization after colorectal surgery: a randomized controlled trial

There is growing evidence that outcomes after colorectal surgery are improved with the use of perioperative interventions combined into an enhanced recovery program (ERP). Encouraging patients to achieve specific daily nutrition and mobilization goals postoperatively is an important aspect of ERPs; however, it is not known whether the achievement of these goals needs to be facilitated by a member of the healthcare team. This study aims to evaluate the extent to which postoperative recovery is influenced by facilitation of nutrition and mobility.

Effects of Mobile Technologies on Emergency Response

Workplace incidents usually need to be reported and it is important to ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner. To understand the procedures involved in an emergency response to a workplace incident, we have started investigating the existing practices of the McGill University Safety office by interviewing their personnel. We focused our investigation on chemical spills that occur in the workplace, and found potential areas of improvement in their practices. These potential areas of improvement can be addressed by mobile sensing.

An Adaptive Phase I Intra-Patient Dose Escalation Study Of Fenretinide In Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patients

The proposed research project is a Phase 1 clinical trial looking at the safety of fenretinide, a molecule based on the structure of vitamin A, on patients with a disease called cystic fibrosis. Fenretinide has been shown in our laboratory to help cystic fibrosis mice by lowering molecules involved in inflammation and increasing the levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is a fatty acid known to decrease inflammation. The intern will be involved in patient sample processing, analyzing and logging.