Carte postale de Toronto : Un ancien stagiaire de recherche Globalink se construit un nouveau chez soi au Canada

Une nouvelle occasion de recherche internationale

J’ai entendu parler du stage de recherche Mitacs Globalink d’un ami qui a participé au programme dans le passé. Il m’a raconté ses expériences et encouragé à présenter une demande pour aller au Canada en 2014. J’étais également motivé par la qualité des projets de recherche offerts ainsi que par les nouvelles expériences pédagogiques, culturelles et personnelles que je savais que j’allais vivre.

Bien comprendre l’hypertension artérielle

C’est son intérêt pour la cardiologie qui a incité Rayane Simas à venir au Canada dans le cadre d’un stage de recherche Globalink de Mitacs. Étudiante en médecine à la Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Minas Gerais au Brésil, Rayane savait que le programme Globalink lui donnerait la chance d’acquérir une expérience pratique internationale directement en lien avec son domaine d’études.

Prying of a Large Span Plate Undergoing a Large Moment Load and Small Shear and Tensile Forces

This project will determine an accurate method to design safety anchor and davit base plates for installation on high-rise buildings. Safety anchor and davit bases are structures that are specific to façade access systems. They are similar to bases in other structures, such as bases for traffic signs or building columns; however there are differences in the design and application of these various bases that does not allow the design methods of bases for traffic signs or building columns to be applied to the design of safety anchor and davit bases.

Le dispositif Scorpion s'attaque aux tremblements de terre

Le projet a débuté lorsque Michael Gray effectuait de la recherche sur des techniques de protection contre les tremblements de terre à titre de chercheur postdoctoral au Département du génie civil de l'Université de Toronto. Michael a mis au point un prototype de dispositif de connexion dont l'une des extrémités pourrait saisir entre des pinces ressemblant à un peigne une partie de la structure de l'immeuble, tandis que l'autre extrémité serait soudée à un renfort.

Acoustic Feature Extraction and Sparse Representation of Neck Fluid Volume (NFV) in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is common in 10% of adults and is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, there is a 3-fold increase in OSA prevalence in fluid retaining patients such as those with heart failure. Evolving evidence suggests that fluid accumulation in the neck could narrow the upper airway (UA), increase its collapsibility, and contribute to OSA worsening.

IMPACT (IMproved Pulmonary repair with Advanced Cell Therapy) for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

When people become critically ill, such as during severe infection, their lungs often fail – this is termed "Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome" (ARDS). ARDS is common, and often fatal. There is no drug therapy for ARDS and new therapies are urgently required. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from bone marrow offer significant hope for ARDS, and early research findings are promising.

Visual Mapping and Monitoring of High Value Resources using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

PrecisionHawk is a company leading the development and application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the mapping, resource management and service industries, particularly in precise, high-density mapping and monitoring of valuable assets and resources. Typically, due to their weight and size, UAVs are used as simple data gathering tools where data is post-processed on high-power hardware. Such practices often conceal issues with coverage and quality, and limits applications of repeat mapping and faster turnaround that are critical to the value this technology provides.

DLVR Drug Delivery Characterization

Highly targeted therapies can be devised to treat a variety of cancers, specifically acting on the mutated genes causing tumor growth. One challenge with such techniques is delivering the therapy to the interior of the cancer cell, when enzymes in the blood can actively break down the therapeutic molecules or when delivery to healthy cells can cause toxicity. Nanoparticle carrier molecules can solve this problem by containing the payload and delivering it directly to the cancer cell.

Investigation of a novel Spatially-Sensitive Transmission Detector for real-time verification of radiation beams during Radiation Therapy

Unprecedented advances have been made in Radiation Therapy during the past two decades. High precision treatment plan is generated using sophisticated optimization methods, and treatment is delivered with complex intensity modulation techniques. Due to the complexity, the burden of Quality Assurance (QA) for modern radiotherapy has also increased dramatically.

Enhancement of a Pharmacogenomic Treatment Decision Support Tool for Schizophrenia

The GeneSight (GS) Psychotropic Test (AssureRx Health, Inc.) measures individual variations in drug-related genes and recommends optimal drug choices for individual patients. A clinical study will be conducted to validate novel gene markers of antipsychotic-induced weight gain for use in an enhanced version of GS. Sarah Groleau will be responsible for genotyping DNA from 600 schizophrenia patients to evaluate which of the significant gene variants (UofT/CAMH) predict the most troubling side effect of antipsychotic medications: weight gain and metabolic syndrome.