Mitacs launches survey to understand program’s impacts on Canadian postdocs

Vancouver, BC — Today, Mitacs is launching a longitudinal survey for former Mitacs Elevate fellows. This review is the first to tackle long-term impacts of Mitacs’ Elevate postdoctoral fellowship program. The study builds on the success of previous surveys, including the Accelerate longitudinal intern survey, and the Accelerate longitudinal business partner survey.

Mitacs Elevate is a competitive, two-year postdoctoral fellowship with special focus on R&D management training and professional skills development. Elevate fellows undergo intensive training while conducting a research project with an industry or not-for-profit partner.

Mitacs is committed to excellence in evaluation and in reporting on the outcomes for past interns and fellows, industry partners, and academic supervisors. Results from these surveys help to demonstrate the impact Mitacs is having on productivity in Canadian industry, including training a highly educated workforce, attracting and retaining skilled talent, and fostering research and development.

Questions related to Mitacs’ evaluation efforts may be directed to Jackie Hallet, Junior Evaluation Officer at


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