Université de Lorraine and Mitacs partner for scientific and economic progress

Metz, France — Université de Lorraine and Mitacs have formed a partnership to advance research in scientific fields.

The agreement supports two-way international research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at Canadian universities and at Université de Lorraine in France. Depending on their academic level, research interns will have the opportunity to take part in Mitacs Globalink and Accelerate programs.

Mitacs, a Canadian not-for-profit organization, connects university-based researchers with businesses and government to solve innovation challenges. Université de Lorraine is a French research university that promotes knowledge sharing and facilitates key academic and professional dialogues in numerous scientific fields. Together, these institutions commit to develop student knowledge and skills to advance scientific progress and contribute to economic growth. 

The agreement supports cross-cultural partnerships that will positively impact scientific fields such as agronomics, computer science, and biotechnology.    

The Université de Lorraine–Mitacs partnership will support up to 50 two-way research collaborations per year, across Mitacs international programs.



Alejandro Adem, CEO and Scientific Director, Mitacs

“The Université de Lorraine–Mitacs partnership represents a shared commitment to support research and economic development in France and Canada. Mitacs programs promote Canada as a top destination for research opportunities and showcases Canadian research expertise abroad.”

Pierre Mutzenhardt, President and Professor, Université de Lorraine

“Through this agreement, we wish to encourage mobility both to France and to Canada. Mitacs offers unique possibilities for simultaneously strengthening not just academic exchanges, but also research and development within companies.”


About Mitacs

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada by solving business challenges with research solutions from the best academic institutions at home and around the world.

Working with more than 60 universities, thousands of companies, and both federal and provincial governments, Mitacs builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

Mitacs is funded by the Government of Canada and every provincial government, along with industry and academic partners.

About Université de Lorraine

Université de Lorraine is a leading French university. The academic institution promotes innovation through the dialogue of knowledge, taking advantage of the variety and strength of its scientific fields, and aiming at the promotion of knowledge transfer to irrigate innovation and economic growth as well as the progress of fundamental science.


Quick facts:

  • The Mitacs Globalink Research Award offers masters and PhD students in Canada and PhD students in France the opportunity to participate 12- to 24-week research exchanges.
  • The Mitacs Globalink Research Internship is a competitive initiative for international undergraduates to participate in a 12-week research internship under the supervision of Canadian and French university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences.
  • The Mitacs Accelerate International program supports bilateral research collaborations between interns, universities, and industry partners, both in Canada and abroad.
  • The projects are jointly supervised by faculty members at Canadian universities and researchers at Université de Lorraine.
  • Applications will be accepted by Mitacs and Université de Lorraine in Fall 2019


Learn more:


You can find more information about Mitacs at https://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs

Information about Université de Lorraine may be found at http://welcome.univ-lorraine.fr/en



Photo Caption:

Pierre Mutzenhardt, President and Professor, Université de Lorraine; and Alejandro Adem, CEO and Scientific Director, Mitacs, recognize the signing of the Université de Lorraine-Mitacs Globalink and Accelerate agreement enabling research partnerships between Université de Lorraine and Canadian universities.