Université de Sherbrooke names Mitacs as 2015 “Ambassador Partner”

Video: A Tribute to Mitacs (French only)

Sherbrooke, QC – Last night, at the Université de Sherbrooke’s 20th Graduate Gala (Gala du rayonnement), Mitacs was named the university’s 2015 “Ambassador Partner.” This distinction highlights a partner organization’s contributions to the development of the Université de Sherbrooke’s research and non-co-op student training. Thanks to the partnerships developed by Mitacs, university research is meeting industry needs.

“Practical, hands-on learning is an essential part of our research and training mission,” said Professor Jacques Beauvais, Vice-President, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Université de Sherbrooke. “Mitacs’ mission and vision and those of the Université de Sherbrooke are perfectly aligned to help students get the practical training that meets societal and business needs as soon as they finish their studies.”

Over the past seven years, the value of Mitacs’ programs at the Université de Sherbrooke has been estimated at $11.5 million. Since 2011, Mitacs’ Accelerate and Elevate programs have supported 120 research projects at the university — a total of 750 internships. “Université de Sherbrooke is making a significant impact on research in Canada. It is one of our most active university partners,” explained Simon Bousquet, Director, Business Development at Mitacs.

Uniting the right players at the same table

By bringing businesses, professors, and students together, Mitacs ensures that research can meet industry R&D needs as it speeds up the rate of new discoveries. These partnerships also allow interns to put their practical training to use, which will subsequently assist to their entry into the work force. Mitacs-funded research helps strengthen partnerships, improve economic returns, and create jobs.

About the Graduate Gala (Gala du rayonnement)

Since 1995, more than 200 outstanding graduates and select exemplary partner organizations have been awarded the “Ambassador” title from the Université de Sherbrooke. The graduate gala showcases Université de Sherbrooke’s pride for its graduates — especially those who are paving the way to excellence for future generations.


For more information, visit USherbrooke.ca/diplomes/galas/gala-du-rayonnement (French only).

To learn about Mitacs and our programs, see mitacs.ca/en/newsroom.