Municipal Innovation Case Study: Inclusive and Equitable Cities

On November 7th, join us for an inspiring webinar on equity, diversity and inclusion in the municipal space featuring the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Petit-Saguenay Municipality.

At Mitacs, we’re committed to supporting a more equitable and inclusive future for our communities. We believe that by promoting gender balance and involving citizens from all walks of life in the policymaking process, we can build stronger, more representative municipalities.

Our event will feature two case studies:

  • “Fostering achievement of gender parity” – A collaboration between The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the University of Regina.
  • “Transforming citizen participation and sustainable development” – A collaboration between the Municipality of Petit-Saguenay and the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

This is your opportunity to discover how to drive progress, foster inclusivity, and shape the future of our municipalities in collaboration with academia. Reserve your spot today and be a catalyst for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow!


  • Anastasiia Sheichuk, Manager, Sector Specific Employment Initiative (SSEI), World Skills Employment Centre
  • Corinne Asselin, Director of Development, Municipality of Petit-Saguenay
  • Jim Farney, Regina Director and Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina
  • Stephanie Hoey, Program Manager – Development and Gender Specialist, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Olivier Riffon, Eco-Advisory Professor, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Attendees of this event, whether municipal or academic, will find inspiration on how to:

  • Develop policies to foster gender-parity and citizen participation.
  • Solve complex cultural, systemic, and societal challenges.
  • Drive impact and bring solutions to communities.
  • Build bridges and projects between academia and cities.
  • Gain access to talent, expertise, benchmarks, and data.
  • Work with professors & student and benefit from their expertise.
  • Leverage funding from Mitacs to support transformative projects.