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Quantum Intellectual Property Protection, Matters and Support

For Canada to maintain its place as a quantum technology leader, Canadian firms have to broaden their ownership of quantum IP to ensure they are able commercialize their research. Canada needs to ensure researchers and experts have a supported path to applying and securing IPs for their ground-breaking innovation. Educating scientists and startup leaders about all available routes to protecting and commercializing their IP and facilitating applications and securing would tremendously benefits Canada’s future quantum industry.

To this end, we have organized a nationwide webinar dedicated to helping startups and researchers learn about and network with those who can assist with quantum IP development and protection strategies. This event is part of our continuing efforts to building Canada’s quantum ecosystem and industry. We aim to identify solutions to problems in IP development in these emerging technologies from different points of view. Transitioning from academic research to investable IP is not a straightforward path for all researchers, and this panel will address some of their questions.

This session will help you:

  • better understand how your research outcomes can contribute to socioeconomic growth and bring the quantum tech era closer.
  • better understand different IP strategies and policies
  • know where to seek support.

Joining this informative webinar will empower attendees to learn more about quantum IP and make wise decisions about their IP strategy, with our expert panelists here to answer your questions. We want to explore possibilities and find available resources to develop and deliver IP strategies that can support transforming research into defensible IPs, products, and quantum industries.

  • Aharon Brodutch, Senior Staff Engineer, IonQ Canada
  • David Asgeirrson, Manager, Research Partnerships and Intellectual Property, Xanadu
  • Sadegh Raeisi, CEO and Co-Founder, Foqus Technologies Inc.
  • Chris Kanters, IP Commercialization Leader, National Programs and Business Services Branch, National Research Council Canada (NRC)
  • Michael Rosenblatt, Director, Federal Science and Technology Policy Directorate and National Quantum Strategy (NQS)
  • Lisa Desjardins, Manager, Business Services Design and Development, Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • Roula Thomas, Director, IP Assist, NRC-IRAP
  • Nicole Vigneault, Acting Director, Intellectual Property Directorate, Innovation Canada; Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)
  • Beatriz Osorio, Business Advisor, International Trade, Outreach & Promotion, CanExport Programs, Global Affairs Canada