In-person interaction at the partner’s location is required when feasible, but we recognize that due to pandemic restrictions, many organizations and academic institutions began working virtually as much as possible, and that this mode of work may continue in some fields as part of the new normal. If the partner organization does not have a physical location where the intern can interact with their staff, an internship may still be eligible, but Mitacs expects the proposal to describe the nature of the planned interaction (whether it will be in-person, virtual, or both) with all parties (the academic supervisor and the partner organization).

* Which parts of the project will be conducted on site at the partner organization and/or at the academic institution?
* Describe the interaction with and supervision by employees of the partner organization. If the interaction will be virtual, how will the fellow be exposed to the activities and culture of the partner organization (e.g., team meetings, company events, virtual coffee chats, training activities, etc.)?
* Provide details of the resources (physical or virtual) and expertise to be shared by partner staff.