2020 and beyond: why student training will improve Canada’s productivity

A panel of experts explores the future of graduate student and postdoctoral training

At the 2014 Canadian Science Policy Conference, Mitacs hosted a panel called “Looking to 2020 and beyond: Training the next generation of innovation leaders in Canada.”

Valerie Walker, Director of Policy, Mitacs, introduced the panel by providing a snapshot of Canada’s innovation and productivity challenges and how graduate student and postdoctoral training can alleviate these challenges. Listen to Valerie’s introduction here:

The panel held a lively discussion between Andre Bezanson, postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University; Joe Blomeley, Senior Associate, Canadian Council of Chief Executives; and Kevin Dunn, Director, Industry Liaison and Innovation, Dalhousie University.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • the current climate for postdoctoral career opportunities
  • barriers to industry-academic collaborations
  • the importance of soft skills training
  • the role of undergraduate students

Listen here to the full panel:

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