Project and Time Management

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Spur up your project management and time management skills – Self-paced e-learning. Asynchronous course – 120 min  

Upon completion of this course, you are invited to self-enroll and participate in a facilitated session.  

Learning outcomes:
* Utilize time management strategies to be more effective and efficient on the job and when working remotely 

* Describe different ways to manage email and use a calendar to schedule tasks 

* Articulate the importance of managing stress to improve personal productivity 


Project and time management – Facilitated session. Synchronous course – 120 min  

This facilitated session is designed to provide learners with the opportunity to practise delivering project status updates to their stakeholders. Learners will draft and present their updates to small groups and receive feedback from their peers. This session builds on the knowledge imparted in the eLearning module. 

Learners that have completed the asynchronous course “Spur up your project management and time management skills”.

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