100% Ontario wines from Vidal and Marquette: Quality improvements to Increase Domestic Market Share

Research that supports Ontario’s wine industry has an opportunity to improve the quality of a white hybrid grape, Vidal, and to investigate the potential for a red hybrid grape, Marquette, which is seeing increased interest from growers and wineries. This project is a scientific evaluation of varying factors that could improve the expression of Vidal character in table wine and improve its market acceptability by assessing consumer preference. Preference testing of the wines will be conducted with a consumer panel to determine treatments with the highest consumer appeal and willingness to pay. Determination of preference drivers will guide future research to optimize quality entry-level Ontario wines with consumer appeal. This will help to better understand the sustainability of the Ontario wine industry in the current market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Debbie Inglis


Jennifer Kelly


Vineland Research and Innovation Centre


Cultural studies




Brock University



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