2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants Program Evaluation

The 2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants Program Evaluation will deepen understanding of grassroots grant making through an analysis of program outcomes and participant feedback from the Vancouver Foundation’s 2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program. Using data collected by the Vancouver Foundation, the project intern will produce a report that highlights the outcomes, opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned from the program activities of the 2017 granting year of the NSG. The report will also compare the findings of the survey responses with similar academic research on community and neighbourhood development. Additionally, there will be a special focus on the impact and challenges of NSG projects incorporating arts and culture. This research will be publically available, supporting Vancouver Foundations’ ongoing delivery of the NSG program, and building capacity for other municipalities and institutions to design and implement grassroots grant making programs in their communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lynn Fels


Nicole Armos


Vancouver Foundation




Management of companies and enterprises




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