3D Foot Scanner from Single View Smartphone & 3D Shoe Fit Computation

As a global leader of industrial footwear insoles, MegaComfort is actively engaged in developing innovative products to maintain healthy workers and prevent injuries. The goal of this research project is to provide a system that is able to scan a human foot from a single image or sequence of images (video) and be able to see how good of a fit the virtual 3D foot has when presented with a shoe cavity. The first objective of the project is to improve the architecture of the technique and provide viewpoint and operating performance requirements for use. The second objective is to develop algorithms that are able to register the 3D scanned foot point cloud model with a given point cloud shoe cavity model with the added constraint that the foot model should fit into the shoe model

Faculty Supervisor:

John Zelek


Georges Younes;Frederic Boismenu-Quenneville


MEGAComfort International Inc.






University of Waterloo



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