3D printing of electrochemically driven point-of-care test (POCT) device for heavy metal ions detection

This project aims to develop a fast-response, portable and mobile-readable point of care test (POCT) device. Three-dimensional (3D) printing technology is proposed to fabricate the configuration that features components and elements functioning to accommodate and integrate all principle stages of analysis, including sample pre-treatment, fluidic manipulation and signal detection. This device is used to track the electrochemical response to heavy metal ions, which will be extended in the future for urinalysis testing and benefit human health from fast-diagnosis.
Inkjet printing for electronic circuit will be developed, which can be potentially extended to be compliance with other applications, such as wearable electronics. Additionally, highly transparent 3D printable material system, consisting of UV-curable resin and biocompatible photo-initiator will be developed, which are also promising to be new commercial products for the company. This technology shows a high potential in a number of industrial sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zhifeng Ding


Dongxing Zhang


Formi 3DP Inc




Advanced manufacturing




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