3D Visualization of the Electric Power Transmission Systems

The primary goal of the proposed internship project is to develop advanced 3D visualization methods and techniques for displaying transmission lines and other components of a power system in relation to the land cover and elevation maps. A software application will be developed using modern visualization approaches and proposed algorithms. The new system will be designed in such a way that it could be easily integrated with the current energy management systems (EMS/SCADA) and assets management databases, as well as with any other required software applications used by the project sponsor. The 3D environment of the proposed system will also require upgrade of current user-computer interaction methods. New types of control devices such as 3D mouse “SpaceNavigator” with six-degree-of-freedom sensor technology will be evaluated for this purpose. Different aspects of the coordinate systems transformation, 3D rotation representation, and map projections will be accumulated into a set of practical methods and algorithms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Petr Musilek


Filimonenkov Konstantin



Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Alberta



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