A community-based ethnography on multiculturalism in practice in a Canadian context

The objective of this proposed research is to examine how multiculturalism is experienced and practised in community by women from different cultural backgrounds. Drawing on everyday life stories created by the study participants, we aim to obtain empirical knowledge about impacting factors that positively influence immigrant integration and resettlement experience. Such knowledge will contribute to the construction of effective multicultural communities. We will use an ethnographic approach to conducting research, including narrative life writing collection, interviewing, and ethnographic observation. The multiple sources of data will provide a firsthand account of the impact of growing diverse populations and of possible causes for social integration and/or exclusion. The findings of this study will contribute to making an important connection with on-the-ground realities experienced by community members and providing evidence for decision makers regarding effective resettlement and social integration services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Suzanne Smythe


Jing Li


Culture Chats BC Association




Other services (except public administration)


Simon Fraser University



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