A Defense System Against DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are widely regarded as a major threat to the Internet because of their ability to make a service unavailable and create a huge volume of unwanted traffic. Unwanted traffic control is one of the most important challenges of Bell Canada. Current countermeasures cannot assure higher quality of service under a tremendous increase in unwanted traffic. In the Queen’s Reliability Software Technology (QRST) laboratory, a DDoS defense system is under development that applies a number of mathematical and statistical techniques to detect attacks early, find attack sources with high accuracy, and block attack traffic with high efficiency. This research can help Bell Canada sustain a higher quality of service during DDoS attacks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mohammad Zulkernine


Yonghua You


Bell Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Queen's University



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