A dual-band optogenetic headstage

B. Gosselin and Doric Lenses Inc. have developed the first low-cost wireless head mounted optogenetic device enabling simultaneous biopotential recording and optical stimulation in the brain of freely moving rodents. This project aims at providing such a wireless optogenetic headstage system with user programmable functions, so it can address the dual nature of brain biopotentials, and become an essential tool for innovative research. Additionally, an important aspect of this project consists of making the necessary adjustments so the actual this design meets all practical requirements for in-vivo testing with small rodents. The proposed project will involve 1 MSc student who holds unique background in electronics, bioinstrumentation and wireless system design. The proposed project will allow Doric Lenses to commercializing the first optogenetic research tool to offer both electrophysiological recording and optical stimulation inside the same wireless device, which will tremendously enhance small animal brain research capability for researchers worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benoit Gosselin


Gabriel Gagnon Turcotte


Doric Lenses Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


Université Laval



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