A flexible non-enzymatic lactate sensor with long shelf life to detect anastomotic leaks post-surgery

Development of leaks in abdominal cavity following surgery cause acute complications that have a high mortality rate and lead to expensive corrective procedures. These leaks are mostly detected following the development of complications as currently there is no method for their early detection and hence timely intervention which can save lives is not possible. In this aspect, lactate is a crucial bio-marker that is excreted from the leak site prior to the development of a full breach and hence its monitoring will lead to early detection of such leaks. Under this project a lactate sensor will be developed that can be integrated with a catheter that has been developed by NERv technologies for monitoring of such leaks in the abdominal cavity following a surgical procedure. The developed lactate sensor will hence be a crucial component for monitoring the post-operative health of the patient and timely detection of such leaks. The development of this sensor will significantly enhance the ability of catheter made by NERv towards monitoring of such post-operative applications. The developed technology will also lead to filing of patent and hence contribute to the Canadian economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vivek Maheshwari


Mohamed Okasha






Life sciences


University of Waterloo



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