A Framework for Assessing an Innovation Nexus on Social Inclusion

This research project is part of a broader initiative to establish an “Innovation Nexus on Social Inclusion”, a center for collaborative action-oriented learning to initiate and evaluate innovative strategies for social inclusion. It is being hosted by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Ontario in partnership with the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) and Conrad Grebel University College. The Innovation Nexus will advance social inclusion by: 1) determining program effectiveness, 2) assessing collective impact, and 3) informing new action.
This proposal focuses on the initial design phase of the Innovation Nexus where research will be conducted to determine the conceptual and operational framework to assess the Innovation Nexus. The project would be carried out under the guidance of a design advisory committee of social inclusion experts/practitioners and carried out by an Action Research Team comprised of MCC/CCBR staff and students. The research project would use a community-based approach.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Heidebrecht


Raphael Freston


Mennonite Central Committee Ontario






University of Waterloo



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