A Framework for Development of Rediscovered Wood Underwater Salvage Certification Standard

“Underwater logging is the process of logging trees from underwater forest. It is expected that underwater logging will significantly increase in the coming years as the amount of flooded forests continue to grow due to dam construction and the availability of sophisticated underwater logging technology. Concerns about potential negative effects of underwater logging, like degradation of water quality and disturbed fish habitat, have led to the demand for sustainability criteria and certification system that can control underwater logging. Because neither such criteria and indicator sets nor certification systems for underwater logging are yet available, the objective of this study is to generate information that can help to develop sustainability criteria and indicators for underwater logging.Coast EcoTimber will be benefited through aligning its practices according to the specific requirements of the proposed framework of underwater logging standard to improve the marketability of their products and the transparency to the consumers. “

Faculty Supervisor:

John Innes


Haris Gilani


Coast EcoTimber Inc.




Natural resources


University of British Columbia



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