A fully customized image sensor for fluorescence imaging in biomedicine

Customized image sensors will be designed by EnviroSen specifically for advanced microscopes used in biomedical imaging. The goal is to develop image sensors with improved efficiency, image resolution and speed compared to existing technologies for novel microscopes for fluorescence lifetime imaging. The McMaster Biophotonics group has recently developed a novel microscope that is capable of detecting fluorescence lifetimes of biological samples with 400 times improvement in image acquisition speed. Although the commercially available image sensors are very advanced, they are still limited when applied to biomedical imaging applications. Thus, the McMaster Biophotonics team and EnviroSen’s technical staff will work closely to develop novel, fully customized image sensors that will overcome many of the technical challenges of biomedical imaging. Once developed, the potential applications of customized image sensors for advanced microscopy will open a new market for EnviroSen and allow McMaster’s Biophotonics team to explore other opportunities in this area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiyin Fang


Darek Palubiak


McMaster University


Engineering - biomedical


Environmental industry


McMaster University



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